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  1. Hi Bigbapsahoy, thanks for your reply. Poomee is still one of my favourites, and I just noticed today that he says he does the under arm incision. I have written to him, will send the email tonight to start up a dialogue with him.

    glad you are so happy with the job he did, can I ask do you have any numbness still? I think I have decided to go full unders, even though I totally love the look of overs. Wish I could see some more examples of Poomee's work, but I have plenty of time as I wont be rushing into anything just yet, have a TT booked here in less than a month, so I should focus on getting through that first!

    thanks again for the reply


  2. Hi,

    just curious to know and hear the outcomes of any of you girls who have had the under arm incision done. Heard that during this proceedure the muscle isn't cut, is this correct? Does this mean there should be somewhat less pain? Apart from obviously having a less noticable scar (although that would be debatable) what are the pro's and cons?

    Also who in Thailand does this, I understand Dr Pongsakorn does it, but does anyone else specialise?

    Would love to hear from you and your experience of this type of incision.


    chacha :)

  3. Hi there,

    looked at your pics, and wanted to tell you how fantastic you look, you must be soooooo pleased!!! In every respect your results are terrific.......and your hubby must be wrapped. How where the kids when you got home? Hope they were ok while you were gone. I'm still secretly hoping to have it done, and your whole experience and amazing strength has given me encouragement.

    Keep us posted with your progress.


  4. Hey Glad the surgery went well and that you are recovering nicely. Enjoy your quiet time without the kids (though I know it's so hard missing the family), as you'll soon be rushing around after them in no time! Sounds like they've looked after you at the hospital. Bet you can't wait to see what they look like. Did you go for textured or smooth, saline or silicone? Just wondering, as when I went to a consult here, they suggest textured overs with saline, which I had never really considered. It's all therotical now, as hubby too worried about it, so will just do the TT in the next couple of months and have to be content with that. How are your family doing back at home? You are very brave to be doing this totally on your own, you should feel very proud of yourself.

    take care, and hope you are overjoyed with the results!!


  5. Hi

    was wondering if your GP is sympathetic, and if so, would he/she give you a referral to a PS? Surely if you have been referred to them, they cannot easily decline??

    Hope you get some help and reassurance soon


    by the way, are you left handed, I did read that under muscle placement can affect the way they sit, and if your pecs are more developed on one side, this could explain some difference in shape/size at the moment, though not the pain I presume. Best of luck.

  6. Hi Candypants, glad you were happy with you BA. I am thinking of going to the same centre, have a consult with nurse next week re TT and BA, although will definitely do TT first. Have you any advice? I believe there is Dr Mirkanzemi and Dr Cass there, did you also have a consult with the latter? What ball-park was the price?

    Anyhow, hope all things are going well with the BA


  7. Hi, (probably a silly quiestion), but can you tell me if surgeons attempt to even up your boobies? My left is a little larger than the right, and hence now sits a little lower after feeding my two children, but I would dearly love them to match better as it has always bugged me. I'm still fairly perky considering but only just fill a C cup, (the right doesn't). Anyone had some diffence that was successfully evened up?

    thanks for any info


  8. Hi Ilovepink, this is my 3rd attempt (I keep loosing what I've written!!)

    Phuket sounds like a great place to take the kids, definitely not after any action/nightlife.....feel too old for that these days!! (mind I never was a party animal LOL) Just wont somewhere peaceful, beautiful and relaxing. The kids will love it if there is a kids club, which looks like from a little research that there are plenty. I think your surgeon has done such a great job, I will definitely be considering him if we end up at Phuket. Also I think it was very wise to have the size you've got now, and upsize after kids. You must really be thrilled with the results. Thanks for the advice on booking, will definitely do it myself, and be sure to check that I'm getting the mentor card!

    Can I be cheeky and ask how much you spent all up of the BA? Did you have to buy dressings/compression garments/painkillers separately?

    All the best for the rest of your recovery and safe trip home


  9. Hi nikbri,

    thanks for the reply. Sounds like you have it all sorted. You must be getting very excited!! I am really thinking that 'yes I can do it'. It wouldn't be till end of 2012, early 2013 but I think with some babysittying help/kids club, we can do it. The last holiday we had the kids were relatively good, and they will be 18 month older by then. My hubby and I are now considering doing surgery in Phuket, stay for the week, then head for another week in Bankok when I'm feeling somewhat better. We shall see, it's all a bit of a daydream at the minute!

    Best of luck with the sugery, I'm sure it will go great!


  10. Hi Donna, I'm wanting a TT soon too, but am probably doing here in Oz, (have private health and med which will make it cheaper to do here) although have been trying to see if there are any good recommendations in Thailand. I haven't been very successful in finding out much, sorry!

    From A to D, sorry your not that happy with your TT. Do you mind if I pick your brains? What are your issues with it? Where/ who did it? I have a free consult with a surgeon in Caufield next week, will discuss BA too, and also have a consult early Jan with a local PS (with this one I'll prob be onlly 3000ish out of pocket for the TT) I really don't know what I should be asking or checking to know I get the right person, to be honest maybe it will have to be a gut feeling. My main reason for the TT is having had to giant babies (both 4.7kg), I'm only a smallish frame, and shortwaisted, so I stuck straight out in front. The skin is a total mess, but worst of all is that the muscles are shot and I constantly look 5 month pregnant, despite being a healthy weight.

    Anyhow, I would be glad also to hear from anyone who has had a TT done, and there advise on finding a good surgeon.


  11. Thanks Diana for sharing your experience, it does sound like it went perfectly!! Are you happy with the job that Dr Poomee did? He is one of the Dr I'm considering, so I'd love to know your experience with him. Did you get much after care?.....Mind you at the very moment I should be focusing on my TT, as after carrying two babies who were both 4.7kg each, my body is shot. I really need to address this to help my back etc. But I am dreaming of a bigger bust (so is the hubby!), so I'll keep on milling it over in my mind. I expect if I do get it done, it will have to be late 2012 or 2013 now, as I believe the recovery time for a TT is quite long.

    Anyhow, I've looked into some family friendly hotels and it sounds like the idea is possible, with some extra help at hand.

    thanks for the info and encouragment.


  12. Hi Llante, sounds like I'm in a similar situation, though I didn't have twins, I just had 2 babies both 10lb 5, 4.7kg each. I suffered from pelvic instability badly, but didn't quite end up in wheel chair. My back ( which was weak before) is terrible now, and I am so desperate to have some supportive tummy muscles to relieve the strain on my back. Straight after pregnancy I suffered from numb patches on my legs and feet due to pinched nerves in my spine. Still now (3 years on after my last child) I suffer spasms every night , and find it difficult to roll over, am also still having to sleep with pillow between my knees. I had very bad separation of the tummy muscles after number 2 child, your could fit your whole fist and more in!! I have worked very hard with a physio and doing exercise, and have now got this down to about a 2 cm gap, but despite this I still have a belly that looks 5-6 months preg and bad posture. I'm actually really fit now after dieting and lots of work on a rower (down to 57 kg, 5' 4"), but it has made no difference to the pain. I saw my GP the other day, and she was happy to give me a referal to a surgeon, just a local one to see what I think, it should be about $3000 out of pocket once medicare and PH covers some. Not sure what work he's done with abdominoplasty, but will know when I get to see him in Jan. To be honest I would love it to look flat and taught again (and be able to wear a bikini), but mostly I need the muscles repaired.

    Have you booked your op yet? I hope it all goes well, and that you will soon be starting to feel the joys of being strong again. It's such a difficult life when your back is bad....I know from experience. So I wish you all the luck and hope it all turns out well. Sounds like 'from A to D' has a good positive story for us!! Thanks


  13. Wow, you must be so happy with the job, they look amazing. I'm new here, but have been following your storey, as Phuket is one of the places we are considering (especially if my family come too, that is hubby and and kids) Sounds like you have had a dream operation and recovery. Glad it has all turned out well. Enjoy the rest of your holiday.... and the new additions!


  14. Hey thanks for the reply! How exciting....it's all happening in 2 weeks. How long from when you booked with Bangkok makeovers till the actual operation? Sounds like, with some of the other girls, it is quite a fast process, is this true?

    Hope you had a great time in Bangkok, did the kids enjoy it too? My oldest son also has Aspergers (what a coincidence!!), diagnonsed 2 years ago. He's very tricky to deal with, but is now on meds for anxiety and is coping better (and so are we!), but still not what others would consider easy. We actually went on our a family holiday to Qld in June, and all went very well for a change!! I'm starting to feel a bit selfish and guilty for wanting this when my little boy really needs so much attention (and financial support with therapies etc), but then sometimes I think, well hang it I really need something for me. I'm definately going for the TT, just a matter of who and when, but the BA would be the icing on the cake.

    Back to the BA, your advice is definitely food for thought, although I'm just not sure I want to be in a foreign country without my husband.....bit of a wimp really. My absolute dream would be that we could get away just the 2 of us, with my family to care for the boys.....but that will never happen sadly, they are too full on. We were thinking if we did go as a family we'd book somewhere that had a kids club, which would take the load of Hubby - and me while recuperating. Will just have to see. I'm a bit embarrassed to discuss it with my friends at the moment, but there are one or 2 who are single, and maybe they may like the holiday.

    Who is doing your op? I've been toying with the idea of Dr P (can't spell his name!) or Dr Poomee. If we went to Phuket, I'd do some more research, but sounds like a few of the girls have had some good experiences there too. Phuket would definitely be a more family friendly place, and we could easily find a resort there with a kids club.

    Anyhow, thanks again for the reply. Good luck with your surgery, keep me updated!!


  15. Hi girls, been reading the forum avidly since I found it recently, and have now plucked up the courage to write. Am toying with the idea of a BA in Thailand, probably in Bangkok, but poss phuket???

    After having 2 kids, I'd really like (...my hubby would too) to have fuller breasts. Currently a small C cup, wanting to go to a full D...or even DD. But first I have to sort our my terrible tummy, as my 2 children were both 10lb 5, and I have a bad separation of the muscle and a flabby ugly apron:(

    I am planning to have some consultations in Melb first (for tummy and BA), then perhaps in the next 18 months (after having tum done in Aus) I'll head to Thailand for a BA!!!

    Anyone gone to Thailand for a BA with family in tow? I'm not sure whether we can manage my two boys (prob by then 7 and 4) in a strange country after I've had major surgery. Do the cosmetic surgery companies cater for family's or just couples? The other option is to go on my own (not relishing the thought) or with a friend, but that's tricky as most of them are married with kids!

    Any advise of travelling with kids would be great appreciated. Thanks for all your imformative stories and experiences, I'm sure it will all help me come to a decision.


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