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    Sydney Australia
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    After achieving almost 50kg in weight loss, I am now looking to have a BA, tummy tuck and arm lift. All in small steps though.
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    Dr Tang 15/1/15 - 560cc unders
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    From 14B to 14E

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  1. Congrats Don! I'm glad it is going to happen for you!
  2. Hoping all goes well for you Vlinder. x
  3. Hi honey, if you have any questions with regard to teaching, let me know! Hi everyone, I've taken a bit of a break from the forum recently but thought I would pop back over and say Hi. I'm in my late 30s, married with two children. I am an Assistant Principal and love my job. I've lived in Sydney all of my life but love travelling and want to see so much more of the world (if only flights weren't so expensive during school holidays!!!!) I love music, going to concerts and restaurants. I put on a stack of weight when I had my first child and that progressively got worse when I had post
  4. Oh Minnie Mouse, I so hear you! My mum asked me outright when I was suspecting and my response (without thought) was "no, when would I have had the time to do that?" (I kind of wish I had a time machine to go back and tell the truth). But on the same token, had I admitted it, the whole family would know. She just thinks I'm wearing a really good wonder bra...lol.
  5. They look superb. What do you think they look like when the bra is off? If you are happy, I wouldn't worry about it.
  6. It's not too bad ladies. I was terrified (particularly with lips) after reading some of the comments on here. Went in with sweaty palms and she was soooooo gentle. The numbing cream works a treat as well.
  7. Hope it gets fixed soon lovely Vlinder xx
  8. I had photos in my gallery when I had my lips done. I bruised but lipstick covered it. They were swollen though (I actually liked that look though).
  9. If you are after shopping, definitely go with Bondi Junction!
  10. I'm pretty sure they want you to use the one they supply.
  11. I had that issue but they just told me I had to massage, massage, massage.
  12. Definitely use the search button. I know DanniP had hers done by Dr Lee. You may also be able to ask if you can see her gallery.
  13. Unfortunately the Sephora prices aren't that great over here in Sydney either. But the fact our $$$$ is garbage doesn't help! Apparently they are opening an Australian online section soon though which is good news.
  14. Hope it eases and that the GP can help you. Take care x
  15. Just saw that you got a response from Dr Bloom. That must be re-assuring!
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