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  1. Is drop and fluff likely to make me bigger or smaller as there is quite a lot of swelling but smaller than what I was expecting! No doubt will be 100 times better than what I had before tho!! also how long for things to start looking normal?
  2. Is drop and fluff likely to make me bigger or smaller as there is quite a lot of swelling but smaller than what I was expecting! No doubt will be 100 times better than what I had before tho!! also how long for things to start looking normal?
  3. Hi Quinn was the not being able to breath properly a big problem for you? This scares me the most as I might panic in turn feeling like I can't breath at all. Did u get any medication to assist with that feeling or to keep u calm?
  4. Here's another good site you can search for specifics like height http://www.implantinfo.com/photocenter/33-yr-old-Caucasian-Female-undergoes-a-Breast-Augmentation-1806.aspx
  5. Did u end up getting a consult with either and how did it go?
  6. I have no idea how I managed to post kiwiboobs quote there oops
  7. Sniff I just read this! Omg was there any particular reason he made an incision there? And what was the. Complication, was it caused by a previous surgery with Vucak?
  8. yes I have deflated a/b ATM, ps told me I would achieve d-dd with 465cc. Great I will have a look at your photos, will get around to posting some myself after work
  9. My ps suggested 465cc so now I'm freaking out! I'm a bigger girl than u I spose
  10. Hi there, Ive been having a look at before and afters on this site, it's good cos you can click on the height column and it will sort photos in order of height. There were a few 5"11 and 5'10 from a to c cup, worth having a look. http://www.simplybreastimplants.com/breast_augmentation_photos/set150.html
  11. I hope you're healing well big booty!
  12. Thanks, I am slowly understanding the reality of my boob situation and it's certainly not disappointing, I can still achieve great results. I think my expectations were too high to begin with but I'm feeling good about the sort of outcome I'm likely to achieve now. I think I also misunderstood what ps explained to me about my nipple position- I imagined them hanging off the bottom of the implants but after seeing some other womens results who also had droop I realise that the nipples can perk up quite a lot along with the breast happy days
  13. Thanks so much both of u. I've decided to book my first ever appt with a dermatologist! Should have done it many years ago
  14. Hi Mel I sent you a FR. I am so worried about my nipples being too low on the breast and at a recent consult ps told me to expect them to be as low as they currently are. He said it would look silly if he lowered the crease and that Im better off with lower nipples than a lower crease and boobs down to my belly button. He also told me that there isn't much to lift so Id be better off with out that too. I am also afraid that I will be disappointed.
  15. Hi Cupcake85, I hope you get this as Im replying to an older post. Do you know if laser treats the acne also? Thanks
  16. Hello I originally registered with PSF as I am wanting to get a Breast Augmentation one day soon. I am also really wanting some non surgical work on my face including botox and fillers to help bring some young life back into my face. What I want to deal with first is my adult acne and some scarring (like big pores) all over my face. The elasticity in my skin is also really poor for my age probably due to squeezing, scrubbing, sun and smoking (not anymore ). I was wondering if anyone out there has had any sort of treatment for acne as well as all the rest? What is available out there? My acne isn't aggressive looking and sore its more like lots of closed tiny sweat pimples that show when light hits my face especially. Who is the best person to see regarding this? Please friend me too! Thanks for help x
  17. Just wondering does the actual width of an implant become wider when pushed down by the muscle? THis may be a silly question so apologies in advance!
  18. Hi chem I have sent fr hope u don't mind
  19. Hi Nicnac, looking forward to seeing some more of Marks work. Sent friend request
  20. Hi nikstar can u tell me what hardwoods prices are like?
  21. Hey delivateskink, these are my measurements- chest (over nipples) 35.5 inches, waist 29.5 and hips 34.5. So ****, I don't want to look like a lollipop but I don't want to be small
  22. I think my hips and chest are the same now
  23. Thanks guys, Taurus fr excepted. I'm certainly not small in anyway, just shapeless seeing a surgeon next tues but not really intending on going with him, just want some opinions before I go ahead and book anywhere. Thank you for your input!!!!
  24. I have a problem . Every time I google breast implant to balance the body I just get Kim kardashians and various other blessed woman with curves. But what about me? I have little waist definition, smaller hips bum and legs and big arms (that sounds worse than it is). If you're my friend please take a look at my pics and tell me- big big? Side boob? D, dd? C? God help me, I don't want to look anymore out of proportion than I already feel my body is and I don't trust my partner on this one. If there is anyone else out there that has similar issue please send me fr Thank you xx
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