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  1. I am booked in with Dr T! WOuld love to FR you x

  2. I dont have pics but I have experience posts etc
  3. Thanks for all your help!! Hahaha some days I'm like yep, I'm going the 350 then the next I'm unsure. Ahhhh annoying! Just can't imagine the implant in there is what I struggle with. Just want nice full boobs and I'd be disappointed with a C cup or small D.. The next size down is 330cc!

  4. I honestly think 350 will fill you out nicely but like you said it's a matter of mm so at the end it really doesn't matter too much! Just don't get depressed when you first get them done cause they always look really weird and swollen the first couple of weeks haha so don't freak out haha!

  5. Yeah haha I'm like that too don't worry! I was worried about everything haha too big or too small is it going to hurt, what if I hate it etc... It didn't hurt and it's been fine and I love them haha!! I've noticed you can never compare yourself to other people, she might of started off with more than you (which is usually why they end up looking bigger) or even just different sized chests overall. A lady at work has 350s and she is soooo thin and they still don't look too massive, don't worry, I said I just wanted a nice natural look and nothing too big but if I could have I would still have gone bigger haha.. I don't know too much about the difference between smooth and textured but I do know the textured is the best for CC that's why I went with them I wasn't too worried about rippling in comparison to that but see what your surgeon says :)

  6. Ok great, thanks heaps for that info. I'm just a worry wart kind of person so this feels like the biggest decision of my life lol. Pretty much every single person said get the 350's you won't regret it! Only 2 people have said don't. One of them is my friends sister who has 350's and she's a bit bigger bones than me she reckons they'll be massive in my frame. The size down is 330cc and the measurements change by mm's haha but freaks me out. I had decided textured, I'm having dual plane, I've emailed my surgeon to ask about smooths as I'm worried worried about rippling. Oh god! Haha I'm crazy! I'm leaving towards 350, just want them to look natural and full! :)

  7. B1993


    Oh no haha I think if I watched that I would have chickened out!! Don't go by that too much, just think your asleep so you won't know anything is happening! I have no idea how they do it and I think it's a good idea if I never know lol!
  8. Hey dreamy just checked out your before pics, I was a bit bigger than you starting off (maybe half a cup size bigger) so the 350 would probably look very similar to mine and I think they would suit great!! But at the end of the day don't worry too much about it, it's only 25cc which is literally nothing so just get which you want and be happy with your decision :)

  9. Hey dreamy! i am loving my size, although I still wish I could have gone the 375cc... if I were you I would honestly go for the 350's mine don't look even close to being too big for my body, they are perfect and I could have gone even bigger and they still would be in proportion.. I don't have any pics up yet I've been heaps slack I should get some up soon.. I haven't gotten measured yet just letting them settle as much as possible before going bra shopping but I think I'll be a nice full D.. What is the size smaller? 325? When I am wearing clothes you can't even tell at all that I got them done lol no one has noticed at all! Just without clothes on (which is my idea of perfect you can flaunt and hide very easily). When is your surgery? :)

  10. Hi B1993. Just wondering, I too am looking at 350cc, we have similar stats, how are you finding your size? I'm freaking out about 350's a little and if I still feel this way I'll be getting a size smaller. Do you have any pics? I too am a deflated B, you can see my before pics, what size cup do you think you'll be now? :)

  11. Hey B1993 I sent you a friend request as I read your posts and they have helped me heaps with what to expect! I'm only new to this forum so not really sure what I'm doing lol but going to book a consultation with Dr Tavakoli as he seems to be one of the best PS around! :)

  12. I've sent you a friend request :)

  13. I wish I could have gone bigger!! Don't get me wrong I love my boobs and its still early days but if I had a choice (the doc couldn't put any bigger in or it would risk complications) I would definitely have gone bigger!! I had a choice between 350cc and 375cc high profile round and I chose the 375's but doc said he might not be able to put them in which he couldn't. They are definitely big enough but I still wanted that little bit extra... If I had a choice I would have gone the bigger but unfortunately I wouldn't risk complications, it's seriously the tiniest bit, if i were you I would go bigger, but in the end its your choice
  14. Yes I'm very glad! No I wasn't a smoker, your right it can definitely prolong recovery and increase chances of infection so its best to stop as soon as you can- in saying that, I have friends who smoked just before and just after their surgery (like literally within half an hour lol) and they both recovered fine, although that is definitely not me condoning it haha the earlier you stop the better your recovery. I did have drains, which was probably my biggest fear about the surgery, apart from the cannula, but seriously I am sooo glad I had them, I got them out the very next morning and I definitely owe a lot of my smooth recovery to them! You seriously don't even know they are in, and when they take them out it doesn't hurt at all just feels weird (just make sure your fully relaxed, i squeezed my boob with my hand which was silly) but they are nothing, I was almost crying at the thought of them and when I had them I couldnt even feel them at all haha. If I had my time again, I would definitely get them. You sound so much like me before my surgery, all I could ask was about how painful everything was haha and turns out everyone was right- it was fine
  15. Hey Emii! I went with Dr Tavakoli, I don't have photo's up yet but feel free to ready my posts and experience. Dr. Tavakoli is truly amazing, although I have also heard great things about Dr. Miroshnik. I liked the sound of how personal Dr. Miroshnik seems to be, it sounds like he really takes the time to explain and go through things with you, whereas Dr. Tavakoli is a man of few words and seems as though he is getting as many people in and out as quickly as possible. To me I wasn't too worried about that, I wanted a great result from an amazing surgeon, and thats exactly what I got. He truly does an amazing job and I cannot stress to you how easy and pain free my recovery has been, I was almost completely back to normal 2 weeks after surgery with no bruising and absolutely no pain. At the end of the day, I love Dr. Tavakolis work, but if I had not gone with him, Miroshnik would have been my second choice. Search both of their names in the search bar and you will get heaps of stories from their patients Good luck
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