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  1. I dont have pics but I have experience posts etc
  2. B1993


    Oh no haha I think if I watched that I would have chickened out!! Don't go by that too much, just think your asleep so you won't know anything is happening! I have no idea how they do it and I think it's a good idea if I never know lol!
  3. I wish I could have gone bigger!! Don't get me wrong I love my boobs and its still early days but if I had a choice (the doc couldn't put any bigger in or it would risk complications) I would definitely have gone bigger!! I had a choice between 350cc and 375cc high profile round and I chose the 375's but doc said he might not be able to put them in which he couldn't. They are definitely big enough but I still wanted that little bit extra... If I had a choice I would have gone the bigger but unfortunately I wouldn't risk complications, it's seriously the tiniest bit, if i were you I would go bigger, but in the end its your choice
  4. Yes I'm very glad! No I wasn't a smoker, your right it can definitely prolong recovery and increase chances of infection so its best to stop as soon as you can- in saying that, I have friends who smoked just before and just after their surgery (like literally within half an hour lol) and they both recovered fine, although that is definitely not me condoning it haha the earlier you stop the better your recovery. I did have drains, which was probably my biggest fear about the surgery, apart from the cannula, but seriously I am sooo glad I had them, I got them out the very next morning and I definitely owe a lot of my smooth recovery to them! You seriously don't even know they are in, and when they take them out it doesn't hurt at all just feels weird (just make sure your fully relaxed, i squeezed my boob with my hand which was silly) but they are nothing, I was almost crying at the thought of them and when I had them I couldnt even feel them at all haha. If I had my time again, I would definitely get them. You sound so much like me before my surgery, all I could ask was about how painful everything was haha and turns out everyone was right- it was fine
  5. Hey Emii! I went with Dr Tavakoli, I don't have photo's up yet but feel free to ready my posts and experience. Dr. Tavakoli is truly amazing, although I have also heard great things about Dr. Miroshnik. I liked the sound of how personal Dr. Miroshnik seems to be, it sounds like he really takes the time to explain and go through things with you, whereas Dr. Tavakoli is a man of few words and seems as though he is getting as many people in and out as quickly as possible. To me I wasn't too worried about that, I wanted a great result from an amazing surgeon, and thats exactly what I got. He truly does an amazing job and I cannot stress to you how easy and pain free my recovery has been, I was almost completely back to normal 2 weeks after surgery with no bruising and absolutely no pain. At the end of the day, I love Dr. Tavakolis work, but if I had not gone with him, Miroshnik would have been my second choice. Search both of their names in the search bar and you will get heaps of stories from their patients Good luck
  6. I'm 3 and a half weeks post op and by about 2 weeks I had full use of my arms! I was driving manual 5 days post op and hanging the washing and everything... I think I may be a rare case by the sounds of it, but there is always hope that you will be back to normal before you know it, I know I was!!
  7. Hey Tiiegan sorry I never got around to replying to your comment!! Honestly I felt exactly the same, I had never had an operation and was freaking out about it so badly. I have a ridiculous fear of needles, like I've never had a blood test and always have to have numbing cream (for peace of mind really haha) but seriously, it was so so much easier and better than I thought I was honestly not in a single ounce of pain (make sure you take your pain meds exactly on schedule and you wont feel pain either!), Im now week three and back at work, gym and I am able to do everything normally with no restrictions. Dr. Tav is amazing when it comes to recovery, he must be so gentle or something I did not have a single bruise on me! I'm also only 20 haha we are just babies, but think how lucky we are that we can get this so young and enjoy it our whole lives... You are honestly worrying about nothing (and thats coming from me I am the biggest sook when it comes to needles/doctors/hospitals haha). Don't let it keep you up at night (which is easy for me to say since it kept me up lol) you will honestly look back, like I am now, and be like wow what was I even worried about lol. I would do it all again in a heart beat!
  8. I'm just like you, I just turned 20 and am a full time uni student (I also work full time though). For me, boobs were an impulse thing (although a lot of research/thought) I didn't know if I wanted to commit to a loan, when I went for my consultation I went stuff it and booked it on the day so I couldn't change my mind again. I also went for a pretty expensive surgeon (not a single regret- I did not take price in to consideration when picking my surgeon, I found one I loved and didn't know the price until I booked). My justification was if I didn't spend the money on boobs, it would have been a new car (to me, your mental happiness is worth a million times more than a materialistic object like a car that gets outdated far too quickly). I have always been an extremely smart and cautious person, but for once I though stuff it!!! We are young, enjoy your youth and do the best to maximise your happiness because you never know what the future holds.
  9. Ok, so I am only 3 days post op and although feeling wonderful I know it is way too early to be going back to the gym or doing anything strenuous (I'm well aware of the whole 'I feel ok but shouldn't push it too hard or I'll regret it later' situation) Although I just wanted to ask... how long did everybody wait for exercise/gym? I wont be doing any weights for about 3 weeks then maybe starting with lower body (thus, still depending on whether I'm ready).. I wont do any upper body for quite a while as I'm not too stressed about it, I'm just going to work on my booty. But that brings me to my question, I wanted to go and do those lazy bikes at the gym where you just sit back and relax and do it really light, which will basically do nothing but at least I'm getting out of the house and I really miss going to the gym with my fiance already.. I will literally just be sitting there turning my legs here and there for a bit of blood flow haha, does anybody think this will be ok? I'm thinking of just testing it and just seeing how I go, definitely not doing anything strenuous I'm just dying to get off my bum and out of the house lol. Would love to hear thoughts on this and how long everyone else waited to get back to any type of exercise? I was out and about yesterday walking through Wollongong and felt so much better than what I do when I'm cooped up in the house sitting on my bum. B xx
  10. Hey Olive! I'm at day 5 now and I've been sleeping in bed since I had the op lol. On the first night I slept completely upright, like how you would sit watching tv haha then the rest of the nights I have been sleeping pretty much upright with my travel pillow around my neck (its a been a life saver!) This morning when my fiance went to work i decided to give sleeping flat a go just for a few hours to test it, so I took my euro pillow off and slept flat with my usual 2 pillows and although it took me a couple more seconds to get up as I didn't want to use my hands, I didn't find I was any more pain once I was up, just the usual soreness which goes away pretty quick I say just trial it for a night and see how you go, if you want to sleep upright, putting a pillow underneath your knee's helps a lot
  11. Ok although I cannot help in terms of prices etc I can relate to you greatly on the grounds of being scared.. I am absolutely PETRIFIED of any type of surgery or anything especially needles!! Like I have anxiety attacks just thinking about them.. I had my BA on Monday and it was an absolutel breeze, it wasn't even close to being as scary/painful as I had anticipated in my head, everything is bearable and it will be the best thing you ever do.. It's also over before you know it, I'm now sitting here thinking what was I so churned up about lol. B xx
  12. Hey Lauren glad you enjoyed reading my story thats so exciting! Don't be nervous, I wish I wasn't so nervous and could have focused more on asking questions and what not.. I had round high profile 350cc brazilians. I basically just showed him photo's of exactly what I wanted and he knew exactly what I wanted.. He is a man who definitely knows his stuff but also a man of very few words. My suggestion is that if you are someone who likes to get a lot of information then definitely prompt him to talk more, my process was very short and sweet but I am super happy! I'm only on day 3 and right now I have no pain at all, no bruising or anything!! Just stiff like I've had an intense chest gym workout . Feel free to ask as many questions as you like Yea Alioop I am so suprised at how minimal my pain has been! The torpedo boobs and swelling just icks me out a little haha so just had them covered up most the time Yes NSDS were absolutely amazing! The nurses were so comforting and reassuring, really helps when your a massive sook like me haha! Thanks love x Thanks Rachel, glad I was lucky enough to have one B xx
  13. Honestly MissC74 if I had known how easy it would have been 3 days ago I would not have even been stressing, it is seriously no where near as bad as I thought, I'm day 3 and have been so independent and doing so much more than I thought I would be able to (although not over doing it) don't stress and you will be fine!! FR's accepted, I am seriously loving them already and the recovery has been so much easier than expected, although I am dosed up of lots of meds as I am loving them haha so sorry if I seem a bit out of it!! B xxx
  14. Oh by the way, the 375cc's didn't fit so I ended up with 350's- which are looking huge and I am already loving them!!
  15. Hi ladies!! So I had my surgery yesterday morning at 9:30 at North Shore specialist day surgery with Dr. Tavakoli! I am going to give the most detailed description of every little detail since I found that the other ladies detailed stories helped me immensely! I have wanted to get my boobs done for quite a while but never thought I would since I was waaay too scared of needles and any type of surgery etc, after seeing photo's of myself in a bikini in Fiji I was horrified and decided to bite the bullet and get it done!! I had my consultation on the 20th of February and decided to book my surgery then and there, I had already made up my mind about it and done enough research to know that I wanted dr. tavakoli to do my surgery and I didn't want any time to go home to think about it as I knew I would chicken out.. So there I was all booked with only 2 and a half weeks until surgery.. Day before surgery On the day before my surgery I actually wasn't near as scared as I though I would be, I think reality hadn't kicked in and I didn't actually think too much about what I was going to be getting done. I just cleaned my house top to bottom, got my ice packs ready, pillows all sorted, did lots of washing, food shopping etc to get prepared for the big day lol. Day 1- Surgery Day Ok so I had to be at north shore specialist day surgery at 9:30 in the morning, I left 3 hours early for a 1 hour trip (if any body knows what sydney peak hour is like they will understand!) And actually arrived about 45 mins early, so my fiance and I went next door to the lovely cafe so he could have some brekky. We made our way across to the surgery and to reception, I was only waiting about 10 minutes before one of the lovely nurses came and collected me.. I then said goodbye to my fiance and off I went into the little waiting areas, where I was asked to empty my bladder and shown to my little cubicle where I would be waiting.. The nurse was lovely, she could tell I was terrified and immediately comforted me and returned with half a valium to take the edge off.. It worked a little. I had the assistant anaethesist come in and ask some questions, followed by the anaethesist and another couple of nurses. Since I'm terrified of needles I asked if I could have some numbing cream for my hand which unfortunately got forgotten about Dr. tavakoli came in to draw on me and I asked for the cream again which he made sure of right away, but unfortunately 10 minutes later I was called into surgery and the numbing cream didn't have time to take place... So I felt the cannula and it did not feel nice!! (My advice- if you dont like needles make sure you ask for numbing cream right away and make sure it isn't forgotten!). The nurses were lovely though, my nurse held my hand and distracted and reassured me when he was giving me the cannula which helped alot. Next thing I was fast asleep! I woke up in recovery and it took a little time for me to come to- the nurse then helped me get dressed and moved me to a recliner where my fiance got to come in and see me finally which was a sigh of relief! I was in minimal pain and the nurse came in and gave me some fluids and something for nausea as I was feeling a little nauseas (which isn't like me at all). I was then given my medication, shown how to empty and record my drains and sent on my way! Day 2 I had an appointment for today to go and have my drains removed- the actual drain recording and everything wasn't so bad, but when the nurse was taking the first drain out I was so scared, so therefore extremely tensed up and it really hurt to come out!! I wish she had told me to relax my muscles, I did that with the other one and it wasn't anywhere near as bad- just uncomfortable! So I'm only on my second day but I have to say I'm feeling pretty damn good, I can move around by myself, do most things by myself- I even helped cook dinner!! the whole experience was no where near as bad as I expected and I am soo happy that I did it!! I've set alarms for all my meds so haven't missed a single one which I'm sure is contributing to my easy recovery- can't wait to see how I'm feeling tomorrow but I will definitely keep this thread updated!! Some tips I found useful- - TRAVEL PILLOW!! This seriously has not come off my neck, I slept completely upright last night (as I wanted to utilise the drains while I had them) and I was actually comfy as I had the pillow - Take a pillow with you in the car for the travel home- it helps to minimise bumps. - set alarms for all your meds (I downloaded an app to help me keep track as there are soo many and it helps amazingly) Anyway, very long story haha feel free to ask as many questions as you like but I am only 1 day post-op and feeling great!! B xxxx
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