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    Yet to confirm
    500cc round smooth mentor implants, over the muscle. Wondering if I should lift or not ??
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    Dr Narupon, PIAC Phuket 3/11/2014
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    165cm 58kgs (empty) 12c wanting to go to 12 E/F
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    Beauty therapist, psychic, Oracle card reader,mermaid & full time mother of 2 under 2

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  1. I just looked at your pics.....side profile I would think not....but I can see from the front that it might be a possibility....it can all depend on where your nipple sits too and I would say your sit in the lower area of your breasts...you might just need an areola lift.. I have had two friends have that and it was no biggie. your's aren't like mine that fold completely over and lay flat! (F**king gross - check my photos out) SO I would think that maybe it is only a possibility for you. Hey I would rather have yours than mine xx
  2. I totally just went through that same thing....get a second and third opinion. Sometimes the recommendation is biast to what the surgeon likes to is full perky breasts..... So that's a thought. It's a horrible feeling being told you have saggy boobs and they need a lift. I have seen heaps of girls on here who didn't get a lift and theirs look awesome. Just do your homework I guess xx
  3. Those of you who went through PIAC, Where did you stay afterwards. I have been booked in with a medical tour group and don't like the price or the pic of the recovery hotels. Now starting to think about cancelling and going straight through PIAC. I would love some feedback on some "bang for buck" hotels with nice resorts to lounge around in. Thanks
  4. Yes November 3 PIAC phuket!!! Ages away lol bakerrr87 who is you PS??
  5. OMG I can't believe how awesome your result is! I have similar boobs to your before hand and your boobs now look awesome! you must be so stoked. did you just have an BA...that was it?
  6. Thanks Hun. Yep I have looked into dual plane, my friend got that placement as well. she says the pain was horrific and wouldn't do it again if she knew how much it would hurt but, i've had 2 kids lol so nothing really seems to bother me now haha plus it's worth the pain I say if the result is much better
  7. Thanks ladies all so much. it's really helped reading this convo! I am so glad there is this forum haha Loz86 and Kazza I have sent you both FR requests if that's ok. I would love to see your before and afters. Like KennM86 I am also of similar proportions. 165cm 58kgs size 8-10. I want big boobs so the bigger the better for me. I need it to balance out my hips haha and I wouldn't mind being a little top heavy any ways does anyone know why a PS would not want to do under the muscle?? He said he would do over or dual plane....not under??? Why?? This is an online consult too btw. I just don't understand why that option would be so quickly rulled out.... I don't think my saggy skin will be able to support the implant on it's own if I go 500cc.... could it be that I am just that saggy my skin will just flop underneath.. argh!! KennM86 I am glad you have found some relief in reading this thread as well lol how awful is it hearing so many different recommendations and not knowing who to believe!!!
  8. Thanks ladies... I have posted on realself.com today so I hear something back soon. Congratulations chiwee! I so wish I was you already haha and KennM86 How confusing is it all!!! I haven't got the same answer yet from any surgeon. I have had 4 online consults and not one has said the same. I think I will need to see a surgeon face to face, but who is to say if I see second I will get a different answer again I just wish I had a crystal ball to show me what they will look like in 5 years. It seems to be a common question that I am asking but I am yet to find a girl who has opted for the no lift.....
  9. Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with opting for larger implants in stead of a lift? if so... how are the results? Do you wish you opted for a lift? I have been given so many different opinions by surgeons with some saying I need a reduction and lollipop lift and can go no bigger than 400cc and others saying 2 areola lifts and ore saying no lift, bigger implant and just a little saggin.... HELP I am freaking out. I have just booked in for November and have opted NO LIFT as I actually want a little sagging so they look more natural, but I think the surgeon is leaning towards 500cc (I'm happy with) Over the muscle and HP (not so happy with I think)... I am worried that I may drop a little too much and be left with the ball in the sock look later!!!!!...My ptosis is mild. Breast fed two babies but nipples is still sitting in line with the fold and are both 20cm from the middle point of my collar bone. So anyone who has done this please, I would love to hear how they look later down the track.
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