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  1. I got 440 smooth brazillians in April and they are still quite firmer than what I'd expect. Mine got bigger by 8 week mark. Up a cup size to 14dd one bra was an e.
  2. 8 weeks in and have dropped but still quite firm 1cm in. Fuller and softer at the bottom and they definately got bigger in the process. Going back to the docs on Friday so fingers crossed progress is normal. I honestly thought they would be softer by now.
  3. Could someone explain why brazillians are harder to remove? Thanks
  4. At day 19 I had an internal bleed and had to be put back under general so the implant could be removed and the area flushed and the vessel cortorised. Apparently it happens in2% of patients the day after surgery and extremely rare for it to happen so long after. My progress is a little hindered now but feel great compared to before. If your boob swells up and you are in pain you may have a bleed. Infection sounds terrible but has me thinking..... I now have a new wound and no antibiotics?... Might ring my surgeon tomorrow. Love this forum.
  5. I'm at day 9 and also have the same tight pulling burning feeling but I did drive today . I also have one sitting slightly lower but it's the least sore so I suspect it's healing quicker. What a terrible first week I've had though. What you both are dress dining sounds similar here. Can finally put a shirt and bra on by myself and flush the toilet. Oh the small things. I've started rubbing the bio oil in and it seems to take away the crazy itching. Still sleeping in the recliner as the bed makes me have little tucked in chicken wings for arms the next day. Were you ladies in excruitiating pain
  6. If you sign up to zodee they give you a coupon code for 10%off but I do like the target post op bras for only $20. Make sure you get big enough for comfort.
  7. I went in yesterday lunch and didn't come round until 430. Left at 2am! Crazy day. Haven't been able to keep much meds down from the throwing up. So glad to hear yours went well. I can't lay down but am ok sitting and standing. Everybody's experience can be so different. I got 440 so I'm in a 14d ATM. Drains are out and can't wait for a shower. Would love to see your pics. Will have to get hubby to take some without my face in them. Yes they do make good slaves. Lol after looking after him for several ops it's my time.
  8. Do you have a link please body plus.
  9. Just wanted to say thanks to all the girls who have shared their experiences and opinions. I really appreciated seeing all your pics. Thanks you for making the lead up a calm one. Now it's just pure excitement. Can't wait to show you all my results. 440 cc's here I come!
  10. What are your stats lovely? I'm not much help as I go in on Wednesday for 440 round. It sounds like a great size to be at though....between a c and a d would be very flattering. Sweaters always make boobs look bigger. I was told 4 weeks before the sexy bras can make an appearance. Do you have pics? Fr sent.
  11. I see we have similar stats body plus so have sent you a fr lovely. I was going to order a large but perhaps an extra large be more appropriate.
  12. Thinking about ordering from zodee as well. Has anybody else purchased the carefix Anna or Alice? I have to wear them for a month! Any other recommendations?
  13. My ps recommended 3 weeks for most occupations. He gave me an example of hairdressers on their feet using their arms can do most things by this time. Everybody is different though. If you have the leave there then take it I say. Enjoy the additions. :-)
  14. That's great that you are up and about so quickly. My. Ba is next Wednesday. Fr sent delish as I would love to see your results.
  15. Good luck! Hope everything goes well. I've sent you a fr as I go in next Wednesday. Love to see your results.
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