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    Future Breast Reduction patient due to aching back and affected posture.
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    BUST 34.5 WAIST 24.5 HIPS 37 WEIGHT:54kg HEIGHT:157cm BRA SIZE: 8G
  1. Hi Everyone I just signed up so I'm new to this forum. I am looking to read your experiences from your breast surgeries. It could be breast enlargement or breast reduction, just so I could find out about your surgeons from a service and results perspective. A bit about me, I am having breast reduction surgery late this year due to constant back aches and affected posture. My shoulders have come forward (after breast reduction surgery back strength training will correct this). I am interested in 3 surgeons. DR Miroshnik, Dr Tavakoli, and Dr Dona. I also have private health insurance which will cover some of the costs. Also, has anyone used their private health insurance for a reduction and how much did it cover from the total cost (please share what surgeon you chose and how much the total was). Thanks girls
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