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  1. Hi New Assets just sent a FR hope thats ok. Researching the same thing in BNE- but your surgeon sounds great! I'm currently thinking about Dr topchian- anyone have an opinion on him?
  2. Hi Polygirl, thanks for the reply, yes all those names are the ones I have been looking at too, so would be really interested to know how you get on. Will send you a FR
  3. Hi everyone Researching a Breast Lift and possible BA in Brisbane- anyone got any feedback about Dr Phil Scarlett or Dr Ron Bezic- or good recommendations for other surgeons? Would really appreciate the advice- all getting so overwhelming! Thanks
  4. Hi Candee Cantaloupes- was just reading through this thread and wondered how your surgery went? I am trying to decide if I can just get away with a BA, or whether I need a lift? I really don't want the scars from the lift, but not sure an implant would do the job without it?? Were you happy with your results?
  5. Yes i can totally relate! I just want normal boobs that for one day in my life I can leave the house without a bra on! I don't want to go any bigger, but as I have quite a bit of extra tissue (from being so big previously) a surgeon i have seen suggested a small dual plan implant to fill the top of the breast out....I would like to not have the implants as less complications with possible CC and no need to replace later on in life, but I just want it to be worth it with just a lift only. You should be loving the camera now you have these normal boobies! ha ha And i can't believe she removed 500grams from each breast- thats amazing- just think you were carrying that extra kilo around in your bra! Are you happy with the results so far in terms of perkiness? I know its only early days....
  6. Hi Jennys, just read through the comments and see you have had a BL and BR- did you have implants? Do you have any pics of the scarring I could have a look at? Are you happy with the outcome?
  7. HI MirMia, still trying to figure out how to use this thing, I think I have sent you a friend request, just wondering if you have any pics of post op, since you didn't opt for implants- trying to decide if i will be happy with just a lift/reduction and no implant. Thanks
  8. Thanks Jaddles had a look at your pics. It looks great. What Was the reason you waited 3 months to get the implants?
  9. Thanks Jaddles- have sent a FR. will try and figure out how to view album once you accept 😜 how was your pain after surgery?
  10. Hi everyone- im new here so hopefully posting in the right section! Contemplating a breast lift/reduction with possible dual plane implant but some of the after photos have put me off with the scarring? Has anyone had this done- whats the scarring like? Can anyone recommend a surgeon in Brisbane?
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