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  1. Thank you for your feedback louboobs is he booked out months in advance or easy enough to get in to? And if you don't mind me asking what is his surgery costs like? Can i ask how much bigger you are going im hoping to go from a A/AA to roughly a d still yet to find out what that means in cc's or if it is even a realistic option ( i want to make sure i have my $$ saved before i go shopping :-) sending a fr please keep me posted on how you go :-)
  2. Hello ladies i am hoping some of you could share your experiences good and bad with dr vucak in townsville qld. I am looking to get my surgery done locally before i look at options elsewhere but this surgery is a big deal and like most of you i am a tad anxious about the surgeon i choose. If you could share your experiences so i have a better idea i would appreciate it. Feel free to message me also as. Thnx
  3. Definitely a big worry for me too im a mum of five the youngest are two year old very active twins and i work full time :-/ ive already had to push opp back over a year due to financial reasons there is so much i do day to day that it is stressing me out what ill not be able to do :-/ n wondering about issues i haven't thought about too
  4. :-) he's not the husband yet still at fiancé stage :-) we have held back on getting married ATM. Our plan is to get a ba done then get married so i can actually wear the dresses I like and look nice in the photos. I hate clothes shopping ATM net alone for a wedding dress! But yes he is really supportive n puts an honest input inn listens to my concerns. I have to say he is one of a kind lol we just clicked as soon as we met just seemed to get each other, 3 yrs on n we very rarely fight (unless I get left out of a 4x4 trip or a burnout car lol) he is actually good to take shopping I joke he's my two in one my other half and the awesome gay friend everyone wants lol. He's been really honest about how they will affect him which was something i was worried about ie jealous that i may get other males attention n that it may make him self conscious about himself so we are encouraging each other I guess, him backing me up n me encouraging him to hit the gym n get his hotness happening :-). Don't even get me started on the prospect of actually being able to go lingerie shopping lol
  5. Do you mind if I send you a fr Irene-att? N still looking at sizes :-) I had actually completely forgotten unbeknown to me my other half took pics of my boobs when they were full from bfeeding lol so I have something that can show how much my skin stretches. I have a feeling he has been considering this longer than me lol.
  6. Hello I am a 28 yr old mum of 5 yep that was 5 girls :-D ages 10yrs, 8yrs, 6yrs and identical twins (preemies born at 26 weeks) now 10 months old. I am proud that my boobs fed all of my girls and did a wonderful job. i am approx 160cm tall, 45kg and a 10 flat chest. I am pretty active. My fiancé, after going through things i would not wish on anyone, has encouraged me to be selfish and give something back to myself. I love my girls but somewhere along the way I have lost a part of me something only some understand. I find myself with no confidence, I hate shopping for clothes for myself, I hate having to dress nice as most clothes need boobs of some sort, I'm happy at home in my baggy pjs, I have a wonderful job waiting for me doing something I love (hairdressing and beauty) but I'm too self conscious to go back, we can't set a wedding date as I dread the photos and the dress fittings, I'm not bubbly and outgoing anymore.So here I am on my journey to find me again.

  7. Also chasing fr not yet booked or done consult still at the research stage but TCI is on the short list so love to follow anyone's journey if they are game :-)
  8. Sorry I may have been one of those fr who didn't send an intro :-/ I think I'm figuring out how to navigate around now . . . . Slowly :-) ill have to check who I have fr now and introduce myself :-)
  9. Thanks heaps ladies my other half seems to be going for the near porn star look, I'm leaning more to the nice size/but still practical/can dress up or down/but look good for having 5 kids look lol :-) n yes breast fed all five of my girls for 6-12 months each my last being preemie 26 weeker twins now ten months old, so alternating breast feeding and expressing for 2-3 months while they were in hospital then tandem feeding once home took its toll so im out of service now lol :-) not having any more so this is my yey you did it you are awesome gift to myself after the year we had last year my other half has told me I need to be selfish for once and give something back to myself :-) so I thank you sooo much for your support as I know not everyone is going to understand why I'm doing it :-)
  10. Could I be rude and ask around what price range is dr miroshnik as far as a ba goes?
  11. Hello I'm just starting on my journey to boobs and still at the getting info stage, so was wondering if anyone who is similar size weight etc to me was willing to share before and after pics of themselves? I'm 28yrs old approx 160cm, weigh around the 45kg mark around a size 6 in clothing and after 5 breast fed babies (last were twins :-) I'm left flat as, no sagging skin (which im grateful for my freaky elastic skin occasionally) next to no tissue just nipples that (I'm guessing cause there is nothing holding them up) they have a nice crease next to my nipple n face down ish. I was a full c before kids n gradually shrunk with each one. I'm not sure what size I'm looking at getting so wanting some inspiration and experiences with your new boobs too ie backache from them too big in the road anything I need to consider thanks heaps :-)
  12. Ok so a Lil info on me I'm a 28yr old mum of 5 girls currently 10yrs, 8yrs, 6yrs and ex 26 weeker twins now 10 months old (twins- long story lets just say medically wasn't supposed to happen then had major complications during pregnancy) . I decided I wanted a change so started an apprenticeship doing hairdressing/beauty then 6months in found out I was preggers. Atm i am content staying home in turtlenecks away from everyone and dreading having to go back to work even though I love my job it is selling an image so to speak. So lots of personal image issues happening including hesitant to set a date for our wedding due to the way i look, DV from ex husband but thankfully new partner is a dream. i was a nice c/d cup before kids and deflated with each one, my skin is awesome n ridiculously stretchy but I'm flat as a board with just nipples :-/. Im too scared to get onto scales as i hate my weight (aka not enough weight on me) so at a guess it is around 45kg which is where i seem to sit and im not very big I'm around a size 6/8 and around 160cm. Im pretty active. Issue number one coping with kids post surgery how long is recovery/able to function pick kids up etc??? I've had two csections (first daughter and twins) issue two pain relief post op me and codine based stuff don't mix well I end up a hurling mess so after my last csection I basically exhausted most options and was left with panodol and neurophen I'm guessing these wont be much help??? Due to having the girls we are undecided weather to go overseas or get it done in aust as we cannot afford to take them with. we are located in Townsville queensland. Love to hear back on any post op care options some have mentioned tic in Sydney and looked into Piac just want to see option in reg to complications follow ups etc. also any warranties or guarantees etc on the implants? Love to hear any info on types of implants etc. I'm really clueless so needing pointers on where to start who to ask what questions to ask etc. cost is another big thing we are on a tight budget so any recommendations on places that are reasonably priced is great. In the event of complications what is covered by medicare etc or out of pocket costs as im not surthere either?? I don't know anyone who has had breast augmentation so seriously any helpful info I am sooo grateful for. I apologise for the long winded post but google has been sending me in circles till I found this :-) thank you
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