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    Breast Augmentation- 530CC Mentor Brand, Contour (similar to anatomical/teardrops), high/extra-high profile, furry brazilians (siltex) placed sub-glandular, crease incision.
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    Dr Broadhurst 26/03/14
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    164cms, 63kgs, currently a very deflated (breastfeeding & weightloss) 10A/B
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  1. Thanks so much girls!! You've put my mind at ease & I'll book into the doctors this week just to be sure. I can sort of feel a smaller one on the other side now so I'm almost certain it's lymph nodes. Thanks again!
  2. So tonight I felt a pea sized lump under my right armpit, feels really hard & it doesn't move, like my skin moves over it if that makes sense. It's not directly under my armpit- not where the hair is but closer to my breast. Anyways, I'm wondering if anyone has had something similar? (I had a crease incision, not armpit) thanks!
  3. FR accepted, congrats on your BA. We do have very similar stats, Sorry it took so long to get back to you.

  4. Had my BA last Wednesday (it's now Sunday) & when I look in the mirror I want to cry. It's not so much the bloating (I deal with this constantly- IBS) but I am swollen and puffy, I'm sure if I measured myself at the waist line I would have gained 2 inches. My body is so wide, I honestly don't recognise my body one bit. I have the biggest muffin top that practically hangs over my pants! Really hope ops this gets better real soon!
  5. Oh you've already had them! 😉 probably should have checked that before replying! Haha!
  6. It wasn't me but I did have a diet/exercise transformation (25kgs last year) & have two kidlets (1 & 3) thought I would need a lift but don't- hooray! I have surgery tomorrow! & I will have DD's afterwards hopefully!
  7. Tomorrow is the big day for me!! Eeeeek! How can a sleep?? Seriously so excited! I go in at 7:40... So leave our place at 7am- so happy to be in the morning! I must be the first BA of the day! Woohoo! Goodluck girls who are aharing the same day!!
  8. Hi Cherry Pie. I would love to see your pics! I am having anatomical overs (530CC) on Wednesday & our stats are very very similar! :)

  9. Hi girls. Did any 'Marchies' have sub-glandular (overs)? I'm having my BA on Wednesday So excited!
  10. I have lost a heap of weight (25kgs) & had two breast fed babies... i have slight ptosis but was told that i do not need a lift. I am having a larger iplant placed above muscle to lift my nipples up! Goodluck- hope you dont have the wait long for them to get back to you
  11. I am going over the muscle. At first it scared me too, more so because i was afraid of the 'ball in sock' look in the future, But i am 100% happy with my surgeon & trust his professional opinion. I have quite a few 'friends' on my booby instagram account that have overs & they look amazing!
  12. Hi Chelle, That's awesome that you are feeling confident & happy & im sure your hubby is happy that you are feeling this way (Not to mention he has a hot wife) but i can see that jealousy is a big factor in may transformations. All of a sudden you are confident & want to spice up your sex life a little- i think he probably just needs time to adjust & worries that you will maybe dress to show off your body or get attention from men that you never used to get. I think all hubbys/partners will go through this. Just let him know that you love him & emphasise the fact that you've had this surgery & worked your arse off to be able to feel sexy! Make sure he knows that you want him & only him!
  13. I am 164cm, 63 kgs & am having 530CC Brazilian, anatomical over the muscle implants in 3 days! This post makes me feel better (that number seems so big) but my PS said they are wise & will give me awesome cleavage so I'm trusting him! We had chosen 470CC before but in my post-op he said I'd get better results with 530... Wish me luck!
  14. I'm having my breast aug with dr broadhurst on Wednesday 26th March- so excited!!
  15. Ooooh I'm on the same day- 26th! Getting super super excited now!
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