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  1. 12 days post op Getting up after sitting for long periods it feels like I'm stretching everything out of place but it doesn't take long to settle and I can stand upright most of the time now. Sleeping on my side regularly now with loads of pillows stacked around me. Back pain has eased now that I can stand straight up again. Any activity takes it out of me really quick. I baked a couple of things yesterday, I was probably up and down in the kitchen for about an hour...it wasn't hard work at all, no pushing, pulling or heavy lifting as the kids were involved. Boy oh boy did I need a sleep after that though. I find anything other than laying down wears me out. I'm not over doing it at all, I rest a lot, there is no way I'm jeopardising the results of this surgery. So over TV though!!! I'm taking advantage of the time and sorting through our photo's stored on the computer and reading anything I can get my hands on. Hubby had to change the tape dressing on Saturday, while it's a really neat wound/scar he found it really hard to look at. I have a follow up appointment with my Dr on Tuesday so he'll do a change the. After seeing it though he understood why I am unable to do so much at the moment. He is wonderful as are the kids. Everyone has really stepped up to help with the chores...though the floor do my head in lol My Mother in Law comes Wednesday so she mops and changes the beds for me, so at least Wednesdays I have beautiful clean floors...ha ha ha ha the things I miss. Some plants needed re-potting on the weekend, oh my goodness it's hard to supervise when the person just wants to do it their way and there is nothing you can do about it! I have the weirdest feelings in my stomach, I feel really cold things immediately go down, I have movement almost like braxton hicks and generally feel odd movements, it's almost like being pregnant again with all that is going on in there. It's looking so fantastic though!!! I'm living in dresses which I avoided before as the tummy bulge was just to obvious! Even with the support garment on I'm flat! NannyDeb and Violeta78 - don't let the discomfort of the first few days dishearten you, each day your body lets you do something new. I remember when I first hoped into bed on my side by accident then realised what I was doing, I was thrilled! Minx - WOW! I considered a BA at the same time but just couldn't do it yet. How is your recovery and movement going? That is a lot to take on at once but you'll only have to do it once unlike me the big chicken.
  2. Day 6 & 7 home were good days. Though as expected you always do more than you should. I wasn't silly though, just being up and about more then when in hospital and I've been really tired, sleeping beautifully even getting a sneaky sleep on my side. Drains came out and they didn't hurt a bit in fact I didn't feel a thing the nurse had to tell me she had pulled them out. My wound is healing really well. I feel that it's high on my hips...but that's the only thing I'm uncertain about at the moment.
  3. Day 5 I got the all clear from the surgeon about 11am that I could go home but I had to take the drains with me I had to monitor them at home and call in levels each morning. I only had to do that one day as the levels had finally dropped enough to be taken out, so I had booked in for the next day to have them removed. Getting in and out of my own bed was awkward at first so I built a pillow mountain and life was good. I sneezed for the first time since surgery that evening...OMG the pain, the pain was beyond belief...I now have a weird coping technique when I feel a sneeze coming on...thank goodness I'm house bound at the moment because if I did it in public people would surely think I was in labour. I never realised I sneezed so often before (by often I mean once a day ha ha ha ha).
  4. Day 4 sucked balls! I wanted to go home but my drains weren't cooperating. I had severe back pain and had slept terribly. I finally conceded and accepted endone, I wish I had done it earlier.
  5. Day 3 post op cannula out! yay! Dressing off! yay! SHOWER!!!!! OMG it was so good to have a shower. I now had my own clothes on so when hubby came up for a visit we headed down to the courtyard, it was so great to be out of the hospital room. Day 3 was a great day! Managing pain with panandol and nurofen only Seeing the tummy after the removal of dressing was just beautiful! Flat with a big smile
  6. Day 2 post op. I was still on the PCA and IV till mid afternoon though I hadn't used the PCA since early in the morning. I was glad to get it out! I could now move around the room and halls unassisted. I still had the drains in and would still have them for a while. Physio had seen me and I was still to walk hunched but she wanted me doing short walks, breathing and circulation exercises. The breathing difficulties really surprised me, such a heavy chest it was a little scary.
  7. The big day. Feb 4th...surgery booked for 3pm with arrival at hospital to be 1pm. I had to keep so busy all morning to settle the nerves and stop me from wanting to drink water or eat something. We arrived at the hospital on time but had quite a wait until I was called into pre-op. This suited me just fine as I got to read my book uninterrupted. The time from being called into pre-op to the time I was in the theater was so quick I didn't have time to think. Laying on the bed in theater I started to feel really nervous, the last thing I remember is my awesome anesthetist breaking out into song........next thing I'm in recovery. I'm moved up to my room and the nurses commenced their amazing care. I'm trapped in the bed with tubes coming out of me everywhere and inflatable leg braces in full force. The nurses told me I could get up in 5.5hrs if I needed the toilet before then just to let me know as I could use a bed pan....um no! I happily waited the 5.5hrs. So it comes time to get up for the first time, with the nurses assistance I get out of bed and I crack up laughing as I'm walking like my nanna. Peeing for the first time was just so bizarre I had the sensation to pee but I couldn't control what I was doing, it was starting and stopping as it pleased so again I crack up laughing. I think the nurses thought I was high on pain relief or something...but no I was just surprised at how my body was reacting to the surgery. When I started to walk I naturally put my hand down on my belly and there was nothing...no bulge, no apron just flat....what!!!! wow!!!! awesome!!!!!! First time ever I was feeling nauseous after surgery (I've had 4 other surgeries before but yep this one was the biggest). I was pumped with zofran all night and through to mid morning. I struggled to eat and even bought up my cup of tea the morning after. From about midday though I was feeling brighter and able to eat a little and enjoy it. I was frustrated and not being able to move and needed to buzz just to pee but at the same time I was so thankful that once helped out of bed I could walk unassisted and take myself to the toilet. I remember looking down at the dressing a few times before I realised what I saw passed the dressing my, vjj...what? I hadn't realised what I was looking at as I hadn't seen it from that angle in years...hilarious. Day 1 down.
  8. The how and why. 2005 I had our first baby I recovered well and besides a few stretchmarks my body returned to normal (except I kept the slightly larger boobs - bonus lol) 2007 - pregnant with our second baby and OMG this kid while average size stretched me beyond belief. Afterwards I had a little apron to keep as a souvenir and a belly that constantly after some time deflated but was more 'bloated' looking then ever before. 2010 - the final straw. Baby number 3. He settled right into where his big sister had stretched the perfect resting place. With both babies 2007 & 2010 I was quite sedentary as I suffered with SPD and the pain after activity was unbearable. Returning back to 'normal' never happened after baby number 3. I would loose weight but never my belly. I worked out hard from 2012-14 and became quite buff with a large mid section - great look hey. So much so that I was constantly asked if I was pregnant...great for ones self esteem. I finally had enough and while at the dr for another reason I asked about my belly and she suggested I speak to surgeons. The first CS I saw was so informative and so glad I saw her for information first however there was no way I was letting her do the surgery..the comment 'oh no I don't put anything through medicare as I'm sick of being audited' turned me off big time. At this stage no-one except my husband knew of my intentions. I finally told my mother in law about it and she suggested I see the same PS that did the breast reconstruction surgery for my sister in law. So I did, from there I booked in Aug 2014 then chickened out. After badgering from my husband to just suck it up and do it I finally re-booked for February 2015.
  9. bzaw - no worries at all. FR away. How are you going post surgery Violeta - how exciting, only 6 days to go. SADtum - how are you going? Hope surgery went well and your recovery is going well. Erin - thank you. The recovery isn't quite what I expected but I'm doing well. NannyDeb - your big day is almost here. 5 days to go. Hope you're not to nervous. Yay for having a recliner, it was by best friend in hospital. Wish we had one at home. I have heaps of photo's to upload (in my private gallery) and my story to share but we've been watching a little too much Stan since I can't do anything else but be still so we've hit our internet limit and it's SO SLOW!!!!! I'll see what I can get out then post pics mid week.
  10. Wow! I'm on the other side now....wow wow wow The pain is full on and I have a strong pain threshold, hoping though to have the PCA taken away about lunch time today. I have walked around the hall once and can sit up and lay down unassisted. Still need a nurse to walk me to the loo as I have tubes and drains hanging out everywhere. I'll do up a separate post with progress but I have to share this. As you know I was so guilty about the surgery, spoke to the surgeon yesterday and all guilt gone! I knew it was reconstructive for me but the extent has blown my mind. 5cm separation of the rectus abdominal muscles, plus all abdominals stretched and separated to quote "they were shot". Plus the removal of 1.7kg of skin. All this from just making beautiful little humans. Putting my hand on my belly when I walk hunched is bizarre as there is nothing there just FLATNESS!!! I can't see anything yet as I'm covered in a huge dressing. Maybe tomorrow. Good luck ladies!
  11. Ok all paid $6180 (with hospital excess and anesthetist only charging the gap), I am entitled to claim back from medicare and health fund once the operation is done, won't be huge though. I go in tomorrow at 1pm for a 3pm surgery, to say I'm freaking out is an understatement. You know all the guilt that goes with it (the money, leaving hubby and kids to fend for themselves, the I'm not sick surgery guilt...blah blah) Don't worry, I know it'll be fine but isn't that what mothers do...stress about all that stuff? Too late to back out now. I just hope it's all that I dream it will be, if I can wear pants/togs without having to tuck in my belly then I've already won right? I'll have to remember to take before and after pics to so I can remind myself it was worth it!! See you on the otherside of flatness Cheers
  12. My TT is reconstructive and I will get back $ from Medicare and health fund.
  13. Hospital booked, surgeon paid, just waiting on anaesthetist bill and I'm good to go. Freak out!
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