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  1. Thanks Aussiechic. My PS said he moves the nerve out of the way while cutting and placing the implant with any incision. I found this really interesting.
  2. Thanks rockmelonmama! I'll will wait to hear how this incision spot goes for you and track your progress. Thanks so much.
  3. I made 330cc sizers. I don't know why they looked huge on me, maybe I did it wrong. Do they really look smaller once inside? That's something to consider then. Thank you for the tip
  4. Hi serena90 and welcome! I've just joined too so I'm new here as well. I think it's great that you have imaging results from your consult. I never had that opportunity from either of my consults. The after picture looks great so anything around that size would be great for you. I guess if you had another consult with another size in mind you could do a comparison of images. By the way BWD means breast width diameter. What I learned is that your bwd determines the size (width) of your implant as you need to keep within the range for the implant to fit. Anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. All the best with your decisions. I'm still trying to make decisions too, it can be exciting and daunting!
  5. Thank you ladies! I just tried to make them and they ended up like little fat sausages. ☺️ I tried shaping them and I think it seemed to work. They looked huge though so I may need to reconsider size.
  6. I'm trying to decide between armpit incision or crease incision, my PS I consulted said both are possible however armpit is a more painful recovery and longer surgery time. I'm considering silicone anatomicals mod+ around the 330cc mark. I am worried about scars, especially crease scars that move up from the crease. Anyone had armpit incision and recommend it?
  7. Hi Seiboob, Thank you for the reassuring words! I will send you a FR, thank you
  8. Thanks Linnewboobs for the welcome Glad to hear you had an easy recovery! I can only hope the same for me.
  9. Thank you! Time to find some old stockings...
  10. Thank you Nadine for the welcome and advice. I was thinking the same thing re surgery date.. No school drop offs which would make things so much easier. Glad to hear this worked for you.
  11. Sorry if this has been covered before, but how do you make rice sizers that fit your bwd? Or the width of your potential implant? And is there a way to make them HP or MP? Thank you...
  12. Thanks ladies! I haven't set a date yet, but was thinking in the school holidays (next month) as I have 2 little ones. Not sure if I'm quite ready to commit yet as I still can't decide on size and incision spot. The thought of surgery also scares me still. I am hoping to get some tips and advice on these so I'll be joining in some conversations and I thank you all in advance!
  13. Hi ladies I'm new here, in fact I'm new to any forum. Never made a "post" in my life! So please let me know if theres any posting etiquette I need to know, thanks! I'm considering a BA. I've had two consults - dr mark kohout & dr Richard Sackelariou. Both recommended very similar sizes. Hoping to learn about this procedure and get some great advice, and when the time comes, share my journey. Thanks
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