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  1. Hi Ruby!! Congrats - super exciting, not long to July!
  2. For sure! We might even try and catch up with Directa7 she will be over there at the same time! My hubby is going with me, but will head for Martial Arts training while I am recovering, so I should have plenty of down time
  3. HI Mollyjo. What was the price range of Dr Richardson? Just a ball park is fine. Thanks.
  4. Hey Madeline, I booked about a month ago, and wanted August and did get within 1 day of my preferred date.
  5. Hi Wog Girl, we are staying down at Kata Noi. Katathani Beach Resort. We have stayed there before, it's fantastic, so we decided to stay there agian. I have heard that Banthai resort is lovely, and not too far from the Hospital I think...
  6. I haven't had my BA yet, but I am a PT and have a girl friend who is also a PT and had her boobs done last year. Hence to say I pick her brains about absolutely everything! She said that she was pretty much back to doing most things after 6weeks, with moderation, but no running or jumping for nearly 12 weeks (personal option) she said she had tried running earlier than that but felt that it was too soon for her and opted to take the long way round . I think she said she went tear drop 450cc sub-muscular which put her at a full DD - so from her A size, it was quite a big difference. I am also training a girl who had her boobs done about 8 weeks ago, and I find myself monitoring her chest movements when we are doing dumbell or barbell work, especially the "press movements" the pull movements and vertical presses like shoulder press are going well but the horizontal press movements like bench presses (flat or incline or pushups) there is a bit too much muscular separation so I just ask her to go lighter weights and more reps, and with the pushups we are back to girly ones (hands and knees) but more reps for a few more weeks and then we'll see how we go. We both run a lot (like half marathons) but even her too, doesn't feel like they could handle the impact just yet, so she is taking the long way round and will try a short distance run in another 4 weeks. Hope this helps.
  7. Good Stuff, if Dells is still over there, hope all is going well! So..... who's up next. I am in August, but who's between now and then, we need to keep this thread going! Makes the time go faster.... hahaha.
  8. Hey Wog Girl!! that's great!!! I had to change my dates too, I fly in on the 3rd and BA on the 6th. Which I don't mind so much, I get 2 days to swim around at the resort and do a few other things beforehand.
  9. Hey, we'll be over there at the same time and on the same day for our BA's!! I am a little concerned about the unrest but hopefully it will have all settled down by the ... Fingers crossed
  10. Well Ladies, August is less than 3 months away!!! eeeek!!
  11. Hey ladies, do we have anyone over there at the moment. Just wondering how all the Military unrest is affecting Phuket??
  12. Thanks so much girls xxx I am getting on the lysine and vit c. And see how I go. I still have 2 months to go and hope that I can chill a bit . And sleep, the not sleeping I think is making my anxiety worse.
  13. Hi Ladies!! well I haven't been on the Forum of late, mainly because I totally head f***ed myself and decided that I would not go ahead with the surgery. Although I haven't actually cancelled the appointment as I was stressing so much, I was giving myself massive migranes (which I haven't had for years) and also I gave myself massive cold sores, one after the other after the other. And I was then told by a friend who has TT over there that if you have a herpes virus (regardless of where), they will charge you twice as much and would quite possibly cancel the surgery. So hence to say I really don't' know what I am doing. - and I am really worried, and my Dr has said that I needed to contact the hospital to see what medications I can take if I manage to give myself a stress migraine again, and all I got was "please don't take any medications 2 weeks prior to going" and if I need to, I need to contact them before hand and then they will let me know if it's ok or not! Not much help I would like to know what is allowed or not well before hand, not much I can do if I am ready to leave and cant' get on a plane because of a Migrane! or even a cold sore, my GP said if my cold sores keep coming up, he might recommend me going on a course of anti-virals prior to going over but apparently that also is a no-no.... gah. Sorry for rambling, and I really dont' know if I am asking for advice, or if I just need to vent. PS...I haven't told CosmediTour or the hospital about my cold sores, as I am also concerned they will "mark my file"...
  14. Hi Hanniepie, your story is so similar to mine it's scary. My sister is exactly the same and I had a fibroadenoma removed at your age too which as left me lopsided and I had wanted to get boobs before that and she gave me so much hell over it. Now I am 34 and still haven't gotten it done, but I am going to. She has now had 2 kids and has fully deflated boobs and needs a tummy tuck and she announces at dinner the other night she is looking to it all!!! Gah!!!
  15. I'm in the same boat, was booked in for Thailand in August, but think I want to stay local now, which means more saving and more research. I will have to travel a min of 3.5hrs to see a surgeon, but don't know who or where to go. Dr McGovern at the Sunny coast is my closest .. And I am trying to get a referal from my GP so I can at least claim the consult on Medicare.. Any advice?
  16. Hi Beautiboo- I'm with Dee, it's so good to hear all this info that we, overseas girls need to know. Glad to hear they are going to give you a revision and pay for some costs xx - have sent you a FR xx
  17. Oh Dee that's no good! Here's Hoping he gets back to you soon xx
  18. Hi ferfer! Congrats.... So exciting, we'll be over there at the same time, we fly in on the 3rd and have a little R&R time before my surgery on the 5th.
  19. Yeah, I have done the rice thing and think Dr Boonchai had it right I will prob not go any bigger than 350cc - his recommendation was 325, but I am told under the muscle you might loose 20% of the size, so I figure If I go up a little I might get what I want...
  20. Hi Wog Girl!!! How exciting. I am very petite so only want a full c or a d. Have been told 325cc max..
  21. What was it about the first pee?? More the fact you are too sore to move? Maybe I should just have the bedpan close to start off with haha! Allyann will you be posting some pics? I started to have doubts last night, but then this morning I was excited again, talk about yoyo... My poor hubby ...
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