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  1. Iv started to go bra less at night and my boyfriend loves it ... I always wake up in the morning with his hand on my boob haha
  2. I started yoga at 8 weeks post op and my ps recommended 6 weeks. The first week I took it easy as my upper body was very weak. I'm 11 weeks post op now and back to the level I was at before my op. I guess you just have to listen to your body.
  3. Check out ASOS they have heaps on there most are wire free
  4. How exciting!! I tried quitting before my surgery but got to 3 weeks pre op and couldn't do it. I had to go on champix. 6 weeks later and still not smoking
  5. Sounds like jealousy which sucks because they should be excited for you, just like you would for them. My trainer was abit jealous especially when it came to sizing and saying I won't be able to do this and that and blah blah blah. Basically one day I started kinda agreeing with her just to shut her up and for her to get her jealousy off her chest (in my head I was sayin all sorts off stuff). I ended up telling her that iv changed my mind about size and decided on a c and that was the end of that topic lol. I was really goin for a d and now I'm a DD 5 weeks post op but she thinks I'm a c it's so funny lol. My advice is to maybe tell your friends what they want to hear like your goin a natural c and maybe instead of talking about the procedure focus on the holiday how you will be relaxing on the beach and shopping etc. Kill them with kindness p.s my trainer is dying to see and touch my boobs and what do you know she might be getting some now haha
  6. Everyone is different and my lefty was more swollen and pointing in another direction. I couldn't drive for 2 weeks and couldn't go back to gym till 3 weeks. I'm at 5 weeks post op now and feelin pretty normal now
  7. You will be fine I remember I was so nervous and felt so scared of the surgery and what the pain was goin to be like but it happens so quick your out like a light then when they wake you up they pump you with pain relief. Then your given prescriptions meds for the first few days and if you take them every 6 hours you will be fine. Make sure you have comfy pillows and good movies to watch and stay positive I'm over 4 weeks post op now and not in any pain and they are startin to look good so it's all worth it. Good luck!!
  8. Hey Girls, Has anyone tried the Elle Puero sonic facial brush from harvey norman? Been thinking about buying it but just wanted to know if it was good or just a gimic. I have mild acne and have a break out now and again and i read online that daily use minimizes pores and oil so it prevents breakouts from happening. What are your thoughts?? xx
  9. count calories and eat at a deficit and download the my fitness pal on your phone so you can enter your food daily and register online and go through the forum to get tips
  10. I felt the same when i went back to work and got oh you can't even notice them then went back to gym my friend there said oh I thought they would be bigger. Don't know whether to take that as a compliment or not lol. Maybe once we get into some nice bras we will feel better? I got 390cc by the way freaking out that they would be big and now I could so go bigger but that's just boob greed lol
  11. Mine are about a 2 finger gap in my post op bra but my right is the one that is settling quickly and my left is gettin stuck behind so at the moment it looks like my cleavage is off centre if you were to draw a line from middle of collar bone to belly button you can see that the right is in a good spot but lefty would b a thumb space away from the line. Please tell me this will change??
  12. I had put on 3kgs but it is just water retention. Every morning I had green tea or a secret sociatea (really good at cleaning you out haha) with a slice of lemon, a glass of vitalgreens (from chemist wharehouse really good stuff), senna and coloxyl and made sure I drank 3 liters of water. Once I started this routine it took a few days to go and now I'm back at work walking around and i haven't been back to gym and have lost 2kgs Lol
  13. My surgeon said 7 days but I drive a manual and i couldn't drive for 2 weeks
  14. I have anatomicals and have got really good side boob and my cleavage lines are still coming along as I'm only 16 days post op. I have upper pole fullness now which I didn't have before. As for lying down i can't really tell you as I haven't tried it with out my post op bra yet. You can send a friend request if you want to check my pics out
  15. I think they are perfect. Just wait till summer when your killing it in a bikini I also agree with mollyjo, its winter and your dressing differently. Iv noticed im dressing differently. Im 16 days post op wearing bagging trackies and zip up hoodies lol
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