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    Dr Jake Lim 17/07/14
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    167cm 50kg 10A

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  1. I was told to start moisturising with vitamin e cream 2 weeks prior to surgery, I'm now almost 3 weeks post op and no stretch marks thus far. Good luck with your surgery
  2. I have very similar stats to you I'm 167cm, 50kg and was a very flat 10A pre surgery. I went with the biggest that I possibly could with 400cc. I'm 2 weeks post op and so far measure to be a 10D. I was sooooo worried that size would be too big for my frame but has actually turned out to look very proportionate to my figure. It really depends on how much breast tissue you already have as to what size you'll end up with. FR me if you'd like to see my pics and progress so far and remember the complaint you here most often is that people wish they'd gone that little bit bigger.
  3. Im two weeks post op and only started feeling 'normal' at about the 10th day, although I'd say the first 1-5 days were the worst. I'm a very thin build was a very flat 10a pre surgery and haven't had any children so pretty similar in build. I went the biggest I could possibly go which was 400cc under the muscle. I was shocked by the pain, it was so much worse then what I thought it would be. I definitely don't want to scare you but prepare yourself for the worst as everyone is so different. After reading everyone's posts and having friends that have undergone BA I thought i didn't think it would be as painful as it was. In saying all that it was sooooooo worth it!! I'd do it all over again if I had to Good luck!
  4. Hi girls, if your looking for a plastic surgeon in Sydney Dr Jake Lim is amazing and affordable ($7000)! I had mine done with him 2 weeks ago now and am so impressed with the care before, during and after my procedure. I was a flat 10A pre surgery and so far a 10D post surgery. After having 2 consultations with cosmetic surgeons and then a consultation with a plastic surgeon (Dr Lim), I decided very quickly that Dr Lim was my final decision. Paying the extra $1000 for a plastic surgeon was well worth it. FR me if you'd like to see some photos. Good luck with your research
  5. Hi girls, I've been reading through lots of experiences on this forum for awhile now but this is my first post I'm booked in with Dr Jake Lim on the 17th of July, sooooooooooooo excited! Although I'm a little worried that the size may be to big as I'm so skinny! He said 385cc is the biggest I can go. Are there any girls that have similar stats to me that have gone this size?
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