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  1. Thanks Thanks LizD! When is your op and how many cc you getting? I had such a good experience! Now I just hope I recover well and don't get any complications down the track. I feel so much more confident and I don't get embarrassed when my friends make boob jokes!
  2. Sorry girls, haven't been posting much after the op. I've just uploaded photos in the gallery and somehow they are not in the order that I arranged! I started with nothing and I have progress pics of 3, 7 and 21 days PO! Hope this will help anyone with similar stats who's considering a BA or Dr M as their surgeon!
  3. Hi girls! I'm day one post op, just wanted to share my story! It was 3 years ago when I first started seriously looking into getting my boobs done. I had always been very self-conscious about my size. I was an AA and even with a push up bra, I couldn't create any cleavage at all. There was simply nothing there to be pushed up! Going to the beach involved many embarrassing moment. I could never wear dresses that require some chest volume to look feminine. My ex-partner bought me a gorgeous cocktail dress for my birthday once. I was so upset that the top half of me looked like a pre-pubertal teen. I have a bum and a waist but zero boobs. So I look very much out of proportion. I started doing research on breast augmentation. The first website I came across was TCI. The price was attractive and I live in Bondi Junction so it's just around the corner from me. Part of me wanted to get it done asap but part of me convinced myself that I should learn more about the process including the surgeons' credentials, recovery time, types of implants etc. The more I read, the more I was convinced that I should see a plastic surgeon instead of a cosmetic surgeon. I made an appointment with Dr Lim and Dr T. They were both very professional and answered all my questions thoroughly. But I still had doubts. My ex-partner is from South America and we decided to take a trip to Colombia and I thought I could make it a makeover holiday! I was mesmerised by the lovely photos on one surgeon's website and decided to go for it. I made full payment to secure a surgery date. When i arrived at the consult, he was so rude and unprofessional. He just looked at me and said 250cc was the biggest I could go without doing any measurements. So I cancelled the surgery. I was very disappointed as I took time off for it. I run my own business so that was my once a year opportunity. But now i'm so glad I waited because I wouldn't have been happy with the result if I went ahead. Early this year I made an appointment with Dr Miroshnik. He listened to what I had to say about a desirable outcome. Based on that and measurements, he recommended 295, 330 or 345cc anatomical implants. He said it would give me a very proportional and natural look with a good amount of side boobs to match my bum and accentuate my waist! He was leaning more towards 295 because I have a small frame and I want to prioritise a natural look. I had the surgery yesterday at East Sydney Private Hospital. All the staff was so nice and Dr. M really made an effort to calm my nerves! They looked after me really well. They assessed my levels of pain regularly and gave me pain meds when I needed. When I was more alert, Dr M came in to tell me that everything went smoothly. I was surprised to hear that he ended up using the 330cc because I had quite a lot of pec muscles and they had an effect of squashing the implants. So he had to use bigger ones to achieve the same result. Now my chest is really tight! The implants look kind of small but I know it's way too early to judge. So i'll be patient and just focus on resting for now. Sorry girls it's such a long story! I think I'm just really glad that I did lots of research and waited for the right time to have the op so I can let my body heal properly. I'll be putting pics up soon. Feel free to send me an FR if you would like to see them! Or if you wanna ask me anything regarding my experience, I'll be more than happy to help out!
  4. Thanks girls! I can't believe how nervous I am! A few days ago I felt the excitement and just couldn't wait for the day. Now I'm having these "am i really doing this" moments. I'm studying nursing and I just did 2 weeks of clinical placement in the surgical ward of a private hospital. Now that I know what goes on in the theatre, I have lots of images to replay in my head. I met Dr. Hunt and looked after his patients! He was friendly and the patients' results looked good! I'm so worried about complications or if something goes wrong during the op and I'm left with scars but no implants! I think i'm just being paranoid and that's normal. I think I just need to be positive. This is the choice I made and I believe it's the best choice for me. The fact that I've chosen a reputable surgeon makes me feel a bit more settled. On that note, I should go to bed. I have to fast from 6am so I'll try to squeeze in an early brekkie in a few hours! Will keep you updated!
  5. Hi girls! Haven't posted for a really long time! My surgery is on 12th July with Dr Miroshnik. Most probably 295cc Mentor anatomical. But 330 and 345 are also a possibility. I'm excited to finally have boobs and hope they turn out great with no complications. Fingers crossed ? I'm an AA hoping for a full C
  6. I LOVE the top one! Yeah they look bigger and fuller at the bottom! The two sets of photos are actually both anatomical and same sized implants of 255cc. It just shows how the same implants can look so different on different individuals because of their anatomy. I like how your top wish pic has a natural fold where the crease is. And the bottom one, I love the side boobs spilling out!
  7. Hi Cheetah These are my fave pics. I would be stoked my mine turn out like them! What are you stats? And do you have a surgeon in mind?
  8. Hi girls Have not posted for a long time! I really want to have my BA in Feb! I'm torn between Dr Tavakoli and Dr Lim. I had a consult with both surgeons last year. Their recommendations were similar. Dr T's fees are $12100 and Dr Lim's are around 9 - 10k (don't remember exactly). I'm leaning more towards Dr T because - he will try two different sizes (290 and 330) during surgery to see what fits better - I have seen more positive reviews on the forum - his practice is much closer to where I live so post op appointments will be less time consuming Dr Lim's fees are less expensive and he's also a reputable plastic surgeon. Would like to know what you ladies think! I need to decide soon to book a date! Was also wondering any surgeons offer discounted revisions in case of complications? Cant wait to have boobs!
  9. Hi I am 160cm tall and weigh 46kg. I hardly fill a 10a bra. I'm only allowed to go under the muscle due to the lack of breast tissue. I had a consult with Dr Lim & Dr T. Dr T only allows me to have teardrop implants. 290 or 330cc whatever fits better. He will try both during surgery. Dr Lim gave me an option of rounds 255 or teardrops 320. I was considering rounds because i was worried about rotation. But Dr T seemed to think it would be close to impossible because of the tightness of the pockets. Im so in two minds about this! Been thinking about it for a long time but can't make up my mind! If you can get away with rounds, Dr Lim's fees are about $7000 and he's a plastic surgeon. Good luck with your boob quest!
  10. They look terrific! Think I'm gonna bite the bullet and book with Dr T!
  11. I am a member of the AA club too! I am 160cm, 46kg. I have very little breast tissue and when I try to wear a push up bra there's simply not much there to push at all! I had a consult with Dr Tavakoli and Dr Lim. They both suggested anatomical implants from 290 - 330cc. I think the gap will depend on the width of your sternum. Neither of them mentioned anything about it so I assumed it wouldn't be a problem. Dr Lim said if I went any bigger than the maximum recommended size, my nipple would be pointing out rather than centred, which would not be a desirable outcome.
  12. Hi ladies I started considering doing a degree in nursing. Then I remembered that there seems to be a number of members who are nurses here so I thought this would be a good place to get some advice! II run a business and it's been going well so far (touch wood). I'm about to sign another 5 year lease but as you know rent in Sydney just keeps going up. I'm not sure if I would be able to maintain it by the end of the lease. So I need to plan ahead. I started doing a bachelor of science in biology and maths this year. I really like it but I'm starting to worry about future job opportunities. It seems like the demand for medical workers will keep increasing (or at least not gonna go down) and the likelihood of getting stable employment as a nursing graduate seems more optimistic. I would like to find out if working full time (and paying off a mortgage) and studying nursing part time is doable? How much time per week does clinical placement take? Is the starting salary quite reasonable? Do you find your work rewarding? I need to make a decision whether to continue my current study or transfer to a nursing degree. Any advice/info would be appreciated.
  13. what about waxing? I get my upper lip and eyebrows waxed regularly. it lasts 3 - 4 weeks at a time.
  14. I looked into both Australia (Sydney) and overseas, I decided to stay here mainly because I want to know exactly what I'm getting before I commit to anything. I was booked in for surgery in South America December last year. But due to family reason I had to cancel. But I had a consult with the doctor anyway because I really liked his work. I wanted a recommendation from him. I went there and he said the maximum he could put in was 250cc whereas here in Sydney I got recommended 290 - 320cc by two surgeons which I'm a lot happier with. So I'm really glad that it fell through. My problem now is that I keep changing my mind about surgery. I was meant to go into the office to pay a deposit on Tuesday. But I didn't go. Deep down I feel like this is the body that gives me my earning capacities hence enables me to travel, to share my adventures and look after my family. As much as I want bigger and shapelier boobs, I'm not sure if I'm prepared for the consequences if anything does go wrong. This is probably the most indecisive moment in my life. Sigh
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