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  1. hi cupcake85 when are you getting a gastric sleeve? i have thought about this on and off over the years but currently bmi not high enough. but has been in the past. and i worry it will get back there as i do struggle. i wonder what life is like after sleeve though...
  2. hello. no sorry. i find all that very useful myself but bit shy to have pics of my body up for all to see. but i really dont look too busty. not small either but nothing people would know was obviously fake.
  3. janeogray. i understand wanting to just do it and feel good now but if you are having kids i would rethink or ask PS advise on this. im 6 months PO and if i have a day of bad eating or just a big meal let alone gain a cpl kg my stomach gets quite bloated and has a tight stretched feeling. i am not sure how it would go with a full term pregnant stomach. i imagine it would feel very tight and obviously most likely ruin results. thats a lot of money to only enjoy results for 4 or so years. but perhaps ask PS what they think or if results would remain ok.
  4. i am similar stats stats. slightly shorter and few kg less. size 12. 37 years old. i went with 485cc seemed huge to me. had discussed less but dr said will make decision on the day. they are a good size DD but don't look too big as im broad. i dont look matronly but i have a smallish waist/ flat stomach. had a tummy tuck at same time but didnt carry weight there. just excess skin from kids and weightloss. if i didnt id worry about looking bigger. so overall probably depends on your body type and if you are broad etc. i wouldnt go too small as the inplants need to be bigger depending on your chest width but wont look as big on you as someone who is much shorter.
  5. i saw something on a facebook page for dr amira sanki saying that if interstate they will put you up in hotel and have a nurse come and check on you. maybe they will do this also even if not interstate. she works for silkwood medical and also southern aesthetic plastic surgery. i saw the info on her southern aesthetic page
  6. wow they are huge!! starting to think mine look small even though they e or dd. i need a good push up. im 5 months post op and they not pushing together like that. need some more clevage.
  7. ok thanks. was looking yesterday and found bras just not push up. will go to bras and things
  8. does anyone know of a good push up bra post BA . having trouble finding one in a larger size. 12e or DD. only look like huge full coverage bras in that size. but i want one that is going to push them together and up . ie push up bra. any suggestions?
  9. wow 60k is a lot. i guess i prob paid but under 40k with surgeon fee. out of pocket theatre for implants and anesthetist. although might have been 35k not 100% sure. still a lot. i havent taken pics. but my boobs look good. typical miroshnik inner clevage lines if you know the look from all the facebook pics. scars still a bit red but boob covers them. but you can see if i lift arms. he did a good job on tummy. scar really low like just on top of pubic line. scar thin and neat. sure it will be good in a year. i gained a little over xmas. only about 4kg up at from op but my tummy not as flat. when i lose it it will go back down as was good just before xmas.very flat. but took a while for swelling to go down. i looked pregnant for first month. i think i might still have some swelling too as at end of day my stomach is much rounder and feels stretched. i think with this op you shouldnt gain weight as you feel really tight.
  10. hello. im wondering if anyone has any recommendations for lipo in sydney. i want to see a good PS i need outer thighs. maybe other parts of legs too. i want to see a noticeable change not just minor. but also dont want to sag after . was looking at dr hunt but wondered about any others. there isnt much on lipo in sydney in this forum.
  11. you shouldnt wake up in pain. i had an IV in and could click it when i needed more. your also numb in that general area so that helps nurse had to tell me to click a bit more so i wouldn't start to feel pain. my experience was not much pain. more discomfort and hard to walk initially etc. but not so much pain. having said that i stayed on top of my endone and panadol etc for first 5 or so days till i trailed off
  12. Hello, I took a month off but could easily have gone back at 3 weeks. (office job) At 2 weeks I was able to take my daughter to school and the other one to child care as my mum who was helping got a flu so I had to but was ok. the rest of day I would have a bit of rest and maybe lunch or coffee with a friend but was still glad to be off work. Everyone is different though. Some may feel bad for longer but I was pretty happy/surprised with how good the recovery was. I didn't feel normal or 100% at 2 weeks. I was a lot slower etc but could manage. My husband also had to go away for work at 3 weeks so I was ok getting kids organised and fed/bathed/put to bed etc. a month good though as your job is more on your feet than mine. I had the same procedures as you are going for.
  13. Just wondering if anyone knows of a surgeon who is good at neck lifts and also can perform lipo on outer thighs? Considering both procedures but do not want to have 2 surgeries for it. In in Sydney.
  14. Yes maxis good but while drains are still in, pants are better as the dress would mean you couldn't pin up the drains to get them out of the way. Mine were in till i left the hospital and i stayed 5 nights. But only cause i wanted the extra rest before going home to kids
  15. I wore PJ or trackie pants in hospital and a tshirt. and once drains were out you can wear what you want but too fitted may not look the best with the swelling from tummy tuck. also if you are still in a binder they are bulky. I was in a binder for first week then in compression garment which was better as pulled me in more.
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