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    Breast Augmentation
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    Dr Lee 3rd of June
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  1. Congratulations Kayceee, PCOTP and boobytrap, glad everything went well, can't wait to see photos, you girls did it
  2. Good luck to all the girlies that are having their BA's today, I cannot wait to hear the stories and see some post op pictures, love and hugs to you all As for me - have a lot of pain in just one boob this morning, not sure if it is the way I slept or I have been over using that arm, definitely not a great feeling but so worth it
  3. Yeh I am feeling pretty good, still in love with my new additions but am still finding it so hard to sleep so tight and uncomfortable and especially the whole sleeping upright thing is really not for me. are you getting excited?
  4. Good luck and best wishes for a safe surgery, I am so excited for you in a short time you will have amazing boobs
  5. I feel so bad for not catching up on what everyone is saying but still a bit out of it so will do it tomorrow, so please don't hate me for not saying much else haha
  6. I have accepted all FR think they anaesthetic is wearing off now, starting to get a lot more a tight feeling and struggling a little to sleep upright, though I struggle to sleep normally anyways so that is to be expected haha but still very very happy
  7. Hi Jemma I just got my new boobies by dr ali yesterday sent u a friend request! Good luck

  8. I have uploaded some pictures to an album called post op, have a look I you like girls, they look very square but I am so happy that I finally have something that resembles a boob haha
  9. Thankyou everyone for thinking of me and all the well wishes everything went really well, recovery was really good too just a bit sleepy Can't wait to see my babies when I get them out of the bra
  10. Thanks Nadine, I went to sleep around 10pm and now am wide awake at 3:45 wishing I would get that little but more of sleep but is not looking likely haha way too excited, I have been waiting for these boobs for a very long time Will post ASAP after surgery when I am in recovery
  11. Exactly 3 and a bit hours and it will be time haha yeh I am feeling pretty good actually, not really nervous just more excited and want it to happen already
  12. Hey I have sent you a FR, I have my surgery tomorrow and would love to see your before and afters :)

  13. Sooooo drum roll please lol i am getting 325cc HP at 7am tomorrow morning. Dr Lee was amazing and made everything not feel awkward at all He said it should take me up two sizes so should get to a C
  14. Good luck with the op, let us know how you go, you can tell me what I can expect tomorrow haha
  15. Will let everyone know as soon as possible I am way too excited and can't wait to hear what the doctor has in mind for me
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