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  1. Hi Britney, Can I ask where you were able to see photos? I'm desperate to get my hands on before & after photos from the surgeons. Did you request them from the surgeon? I asked but was told he would only show me once I arrive.
  2. Hi EllaBellaB, I tried to book with Global Protective Solutions but they wouldn't let me until 30 days prior to travel so I ended up booking a policy with Bordercross worldwide. I couldn't be bothered with doing an overseas transferring money to GPS either. With Bordercross I could just pay online with my credit card.
  3. Thanks EllaBellaB, I haven't got a date. Still waiting on quotes from a few different surgeons. The wait is agonising.
  4. Thanks EllaBellaB I tried to get an instant quote from medicaltourisminsurace.com but It takes me to a warning page. http://www.medicaltourisminsurance.com/quotes.html Will try Global Protective Solutions. Are these the only 2 companies offering insurance?
  5. I'm also interested in insurance. John do you have links to the companies you mentioned? I'm travelling with my husband who is petrified something will happen and I end up in the ICU. He had a friend have to go into the ICU after a simple knee reconstruction due to complications during the procedure and ended up with a $20,000 debt.
  6. I'm not really getting what is so funny dee envy? I'm new to the forum and thought I was been helpful by posting the link. The question was something I too had been considering as I'm about to embark on my journey so I decided to goggle and that's how I came across it. As a newbie I thought it would be nice to contribute seeing as we are all in the same boat searching for answers. I also hoped that by contributing I might even start to make some friends since I only recently took the plunge to register after 6 months of stalking. (Didn't expect to make an enemy.) As far as I can gather the link comes from a company providing support services for medical tourists. There is no indication anywhere that I can see that they are acting as a rep/agency or facilitator. Before you go around accusing people of been reps maybe you should get your facts straight. I live in Port Melbourne. Feel free to stop by and come see me working in my office and then decide if I work for a rep. Kind Regards Janice
  7. I found this link that my be helpful. http://www.healthcare-hands.com/what_to_pack
  8. It's my body, my choice!
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