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  1. If You don't get the lift your nipples will stay in the same spot but your breast implants will be higher meaning your nipples will be Lower I would just go to left it so worth the scar
  2. Im doing some research for a friend who is going on an April group tour with RBG. I just recently went to PIAC for a BA and BL and im helping her out as she's going on her own but unfortunately the group tour (doesn't want to go on her own) is going to Bangkok hospital and im unsure of the doctors there. Can I get anyone's stories or doctor reccomendations and pictures? Thanks, Rachel!
  3. Hey girls TCI rejected me and eddy doña was too much $ so I went to thailand and got a BA AND BL, boobs looked very similar to yours. FR me I have photos up and am so happy!
  4. 210,000 baht in thailand- and im happy! PIAC with dr rushapol
  5. Posting for a friend.. She currently has DD boobs and only wants a lift not implants.. Does anyone have photos of just a lift?
  6. Don't worry iiwoody, if you honestly want ir as much as you do the week will go so quickly and you will be so happy! I do know you can hire a nurse to help you in your hotel im 90% sure x
  7. I had the same thing, I put it down to being in thailand/sweating/not being able to exfoliate
  8. Everything was fine! It is very daunting but your having surgery... It would be daunting if your mum/dad/partner was there with you it's only natural.. As for waking up and being in pain it's not the kind of pain like hAvjnf a leg chopped off haha it's more just bruised pain it's really not that bad unless you poke and move yourself around. They gave me a pill before I went in I think it was a relaxent and I woke up all hazey and a bit confused but the nurse was straight over to ask how I am. You will be ok I promise x
  9. I was gojn to go alone then I found a buddy.. I'm glad I did but if you are strong minded you will be fine. I was very very sore but I also have a low pain thresh hold if you can go just 3 days with no assistance you'll be totally fine- take baby wipes they were a must for when I couldn't showe myself properly! You'll be fine if you go over doubting then you'll wake up in doubt.. Good luck!
  10. So I am 6 weeks post op yesterday- I had a lollipop lift and BA and since about week 3 after my waterproofing was removed I've ha a stitch sticking through.. It's not infected and I've been told to keep an eye on it for puss or redness but it seems to be fine I just think 6 weeks on is such a long time and I'm so worried about them becoming infected. Anyone had a similar story?
  11. What to use on my scars? Who's had good outcomes? Thanks ladies X
  12. I had a lift with rushapol a month ago feel free to FR me I have photos
  13. Mine seem the same after surgery but instead of the very nipple part sticking out when cold my whole nipples does lol
  14. They do have a few but there not very nice... More looking for online x
  15. As the title says- where do you ladies get bras that big? They all only go up to DD
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