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  1. Hi ella my surgery went really well im so so happy with the results he is amazing ur gonna love him. thanks so much for checking up on me
  2. Hi ladies i had my surgery done with dr rungkit 5 weeks ago, i had a ba 450cc moderate profile dual plane. Let me just say he is amazing my boobs look so natural and i have gotten so many compliments he also is the nicest man that really listened to what i wanted, i would honestly go back to him in a heart beat, your welcome to message me if you guys have any question or want to see photos
  3. Hi Ikim, cant believe there is so many of us there at the same time what are the BK apartments and are you staying there the whole time? how do we go about all catching up?
  4. Hi YvetteZ, Im staying at the same hotel as you ill come knocking and say hi
  5. I heard his an amazing doctor, i live in melbourne and i will be in bangkok till the 26th what about you?
  6. So glad to hear that you must be as excited as i am hehe, im booked through medimakeovers with dr rung kit at the bangpakok 9 hospital.My op is the 17th and i will be out of hospital on the 19th then heading to the grand centre point sukhmuvit. What hospital and doctors are you going through? would be nice to catch up after the ops since we are both alone
  7. Hi Ladies im going to be in bangkok between those 10 day for breast augmentation, im travelling alone and going to spend 10 days alone so im pretty nervous i would love to make some friends or catch up with any of you ladies if your in bangkok
  8. Hi Ladies im booked in with Dr Rungkit for a breast augmentation on the 16th of june but cant find any reviews on him or havent heard from anyone thats used him..im getting really nervous and scared about this!! please help if you have any info on him or hes work? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi im booked with dr rungkit too but cant find any reviews on him, did you guys?
  10. HI everyone i'm new to this site On the 16th of june im leaving to do a breast augmentation at bangpakok 9 hospital with DR RUNGKIT i went through a company called medimakeover and have been very happy with them so far, but i havent heard or read much about my surgeon and was wondering if any of you ladies used him or at least went through same company and hospital any info would be much appreciated thanks
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