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  1. Don I had to have a look at the size/ site you are talking about. Just found someone with 2500cc omg can not even begin to imagine what they would look like.
  2. I took aud and exchanged it at a bank. Was the best for my $$ at the time. However not everyone feels safe having that much money with them. Other ladies have used a Visa card that you can put thb onto it. Not sure what it's called. Maybe type in payment in the search area.
  3. Blue

    THB rate

    If your going to exchange a lot like $2k you will need to go to a bank.
  4. I got my bra size measured today. I'm 172cm 71kg and was a 12c. I got 400cc in July and now I'm 12F omg. I freaked out , still freaked out. Bigger than I thought. Everyone is different I guess :-)
  5. Maybe just email them and ask. They may not relies yet.
  6. Yes normal. I looked pregnant and nothing fitted me for about 2 weeks
  7. You are all set then jasminxoxo. Enjoy the night xx
  8. I was fine after two days. Went shopping for a few hours. Same as Quinn I had to sit down every now and again. I think your only problem will be the bra thing and I was still bloated after a week from all the meds ect. Sometimes it is all in our heads. I told myself ''you can have two days full bed rest then you need to get up and do something.' So I was mentally prepared.
  9. I had my surgery with Dr Piyapas in July. He was amazing!!!!!!! I am very happy with his work. I was worried about going under and he held my hand and chatted with me until I was asleep. The hospital is outstanding, so clean and the staff were incredible. They came whenever I needed them. Helped me with going to the bathroom, cut my dinner up, changed the TV channels and so much more. I had a wonderful experience from the time I landed in Thailand until the time I left. They organised transport to and from the airport and all your appointment. Hope this helps x
  10. I think It's because of the Dr, being in Phuket (cheaper in Bangkok) and that you want teardrops. From my understanding teardrops are more expensive. Maybe ask for a quote from another Dr, it might be cheaper.
  11. Have you had a response novboobs2014? I also had him and he was amazing. The staff and hospital are outstanding. I wouldn't change anything. I had a great experience.
  12. I put on weight as well. In 6 weeks maybe about 3 -4kg's, but at 6 weeks I went back to the gym and tightened up my diet. I've already starting to loose weight. Remember 80% Diet 20% exercise. Just clean up your food and go for a few walks a week.
  13. I'm almost 6weeks and back to the gym Monday. I really really can't wait. I've defiantly put on weight, but I don't think it will take long to loose. I'm super duper determined. :-)
  14. Fluffing I believe is the breast becoming more natural and soft. Not as hard or swollen as after surgery. I had my surgery at Bangkok hospital Phuket in July. My surgeon has told me to message twice per day for the same reason. To move the implant around the pocket. He also showed me what to do.
  15. I agree with bigbooty tiny tea is great. I was bloated for a few days. I looked pregnant, but it does go away. The tea defiantly helped.
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