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    July 15 Dr Rungkit
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  1. I bought mine through MM too, they take your measurements and send u the right size, mine were too small so I sent them back and they re sent the new ones straight away..
  2. Yes I went through Medi Makeovers, they have been great. Everything is booked. I had to send the compression garments back as they were too small, I think the new ones should turn up today.. They organised flights and insurance for me and have answered my countless questions.. Lol I'm feeling good about it all. I'm on there forum too so I can speak to past and future clients, makes u feel better xx
  3. I have done a little research on him and his work and I am comfortable that he is both qualified and experienced in his field, I've seen some if his work and it looks great. When u are travelling for surgery you are a little limited in choosing a doctor. But I am feeling comfortable that I'm in good hands.
  4. I'm booked in for July 15 with him. I have seen some of his work and it looks great. I will tell u more after my surgery in 5 weeks 3 days
  5. I'm getting seriously excited now, everything is booked and my compression garments are ordered, I'm in the middle of hunting for clothing to wear in Thailand while I recover from TT BA and rhino. Any hints would be appreciated. I didn't even think of waterproof bandages Jodis21. Thanks. July 14 is coming up fast.. Need to go shopping again and be prepared I had some before and afters sent to me from Dr Rungkit and I'm really happy with his work
  6. I leave to head back home on July 28 so we may cross paths I'm staying at the centrepoint
  7. I'm booked with dr Rungkit on July 15 so if anyone has used him I would love feedback
  8. Did you go ahead with the surgery? I'm booked in with dr Rungkit for July 15? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated
  9. I'm booked in with dr Rungkit for BA TT on July 15, in Bangkok too ..
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