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    Wanting to get a breast augmentation thinking 400-500cc and also thinking of maybe getting a rhinoplasty/septoplasty
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    Have a couple of names on my list piyapas, narupon, montein are at the top
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    Currently a small c
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    Sales assistant
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    Makeup, fashion, hanging out with friends and my hubby

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  1. I would love to know about Medicare cover also as i have a deviated septum
  2. Just to confirm guys i was quoted for bumrungrad and yes asked about samitivej and was cheaper
  3. Sophieelisewharton do you mind if I send you a fr? I'd love to follow you and see how your experience goes with dr montein
  4. Has anyone has their rhino with dr montein yet? Would love to see results
  5. They didn't say which hospital that was quoted for so I'd have to ask
  6. That's to have rhino with dr montein
  7. I got quoted from ght 169,000 which is quite a lot more than what you were quoted doesn't seem right
  8. And I can see my pics but no one else's either
  9. Lol Donatella I think I joined the same group def was having withdrawals lol
  10. Do you mind if I ask who your surgeon was at PIAC? Sorry to hear about your experience wishing you all the best
  11. Awww you poor thing I hope things are getting better for you Hun <3xx yeh it sux doesn't it I've have migraines since I was 4 genetic and have a constant headache pretty much ever day have gone to a specialist before only for them to tell me yes you suffer from migraines (der I know that) and saying that my depression was the cause of them, I'm pretty sure you don't have depression at the age of 4 but ok. Have suffered acne since adolescence and the pill was the only thing that helped, didn't want to be on the pill for the rest of my life so had tests to check my hormone levels and everything is completely out of wack, gotta go off the pill now and get more blood tests after I'm off it for a bit (great back to having bad skin which makes me sad) my cortisol level was 773 (not surprised I'm a complete stress head) when normal range is 110-550 (even if stressed) So if that's still high doc said they will have to refer me to a neurologist but hopefully they will beable to find out something to help stop my migraine/headaches if they do that
  12. I don't get really painful periods my problem is very sharp pains in the abdomen (mostly when have intercourse but have noticed it's started happening just randomly lately) and I've always had the problem of needing to go to the toilet to urinate all the time, even though I don't drink anything, also feel like I don't empty fully so will need to go again like 5 seconds later, even at night I go to the toilet like 4-5 times
  13. Hey Hun I get the urge of constant urination as well and have had ultra sound to check my bowel so I wonder if that's linked too, I have so many health issues and so sick of them never finding anything to fix these problems, makes me feel like it's just me and I'm just stuck being broken
  14. Yes she will need a lift as her nipples are at the lowest point of her breast they will need to be lifted
  15. Hey Hun just wondering if you did end up having endometriosis if so were they able to fix it? If you didn't have endemetriosis did the end up finding out what was causing your pain?
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