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  1. I don't know who to trust anymore. It's all about money until things go downhill and they don't want to know you. I had another surgeon in mind but his waiting list is until June. Maybe I should book myself on the waiting list I dont know.
  2. I'm not travelling interstate, no way. Not with my history of complications, that would mean I'd have to keep flying back if it goes pear shaped again. I'm also not naming names of who I saw before because my posts are being monitored and spread.
  3. I wanted to have a second opinion from a surgeon in Melbourne but he's booked out for five months. This surgeon is the only one I want to ask but yeah it's too long to wait.
  4. Here are two pictures I took today to show you.
  5. My surgeon was Mark Ashton. I got a reply today and he says that the reason I have to wait 12 months is because I don't have insurance to cover the hospital and implant fees. I've already paid over $20k. It's not just aesthetics but it's my health and pain. I'm over the muscle now, but before I was under the muscle.
  6. He said the weight of the implants but I think it might be the nerves. I'm about a DD cup which isn't huge for my frame. I've just sent an email now expressing my feelings about it. I haven't thought about getting a second opinion but I just might have to. I wish I could turn back time and not have proceeded. I'm feeling like I'm being made to feel it's my fault. I've also just seen a negative online review posted four months ago about my surgeon and it's sounding familiar.
  7. Hey, I haven't posted in a while so I want to give an update and see if anyone is having a similar issue. My implants have bottomed out and my nipples are sitting quite high. I'm experiencing daily pain with my right breast. Underneath it hurts and feels warm like a burning feeling. I wear a surgical bra at home and then my normal underwire bra when I go out. I met with Mark the other day and he suggested we review and operate again in 12 months, and that I get health insurance (which I've now signed up for). I suppose my question is, how do I put up with this pain for another 12 months? It's been a miserable experience for me. I'm feeling quite down about it. I'd like to know if anyone else out there is in a similar situation?
  8. Not many regulars are still using this site are they?
  9. Is the size of your surgical bra the same size that you now buy in bras? Would like to know as I'm curious. I know all bras can vary in sizing but just want to know if it's in the same ball path
  10. I've been in and out had one aug and two lifts all since late July or August until now. It's been about 2 or 3 months since the last lift. I did just recover from an infection in my right breast. I hate them they're disgusting and huge. I'd love to know more info and hear more thoughts.
  11. After surgery they're still huge and I feel really insecure about them. What determines how big they are during the procedure, did your surgeon discuss the aereola size or just do it?
  12. I went in today he said the wound is getting smaller even though it's wider it's actually becoming less deep. Which he said was good. I got my bandage changed again today and the nurse used betadine too. When I took my surgical bra off there was a wet blood stain on the right side. He told me not to wear yhe bra again. For some reason when I have worn the bra, the right side rides up but the left is fine. I think that's part of the irritation. I'll be on another dose of cephalexin when I run out. I feel so dirty though hope it does heal completely because I would love to have a shower.
  13. He doesn't want them getting wet because water can make it get worse infection wise
  14. I don't know there's no stitches there now I don't think. I'm so irritated right now I think I'm getting my period, my hairs falling out and my breast is just killing me. Oh and I feel dirty as anything haven't showered in weeks. I mean what else can be done!
  15. I've been to about 10 "professionals" they're all after money not a solution
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