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    Dr Harwood Sept 2nd 330cc High Brazilians
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  1. I've got this now too Linnewboobs How long did it take to go away?
  2. Anyone have an info on how long after surgery (BA) until you began being intimate again. My partner is FIFO and is only home for 6 days after the surgery. I told him I can't see me being ready that soon, even though I want to be as he will be gone for 3 weeks after that :'(
  3. Thanks for sharing! I have my surgery with harwood, brazilians as well, so happy I can go braless if I need to!
  4. Hey Bee, I'm getting High profile round I'm SO excited!
  5. Hey Bee! Thanks so much for sharing your experiences, your little boy sounds so cute!! I've FR'ed you! I'm booked in with Dr Harwood on September 2nd, seems so far away yet i'm still so excited, nervous, and scared all at the same time! Sharing your experiences really helped Thanks!!!!
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