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    Had saline implants in 1997, no problems until Left ruptured May 2014, have booked revision surgery {with same dr. who did original surgery} for 15th august, at gold coast.
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    15th august 14, Gold coast Dr Doyle
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    50kg, 12C now a 10G

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  1. I live in cairns and couldn't find a Dr here or Townsville that I would of felt comfortable with, I ended up traveling to the gold coast,
  2. I got a sore throat about a week before surgery, I want to the Dr and got antibiotics and a really good throat gargle, if you get throat gargle, don't use it the day of your surgery, but it is handy after you've had anaesthetic.
  3. I used baby oil when I was pregnant, with all 4 children, I don't have any stretch marks, anywhere,
  4. I had 3 children, didn't breast feed, no sagging, then I had a BA and 18months later had another child, did not breast feed, no sagging then either. Didnt get any sagging for approximately 15 years, had second BA after 17 years, did not need a lift either.
  5. I was more scared someone would elbow me in the boob, while walking down the plane isle, so I booked an isle seat near the front of the plane, as to be out of the plane quick as possible.
  6. You will be fine to fly, just remember you will not be able to lift you suitcase, or put you hand luggage in the over head locker.
  7. Droopy -Lou, I live in Cairns, I went to Dr Doyle on the gold coast, approx $12,000, couldn't find a PS here, I was 32 when I had my first BA, and 49 when I had the second, You are never to old to want to look nice and fix the bits that just don't look quite right
  8. Mine was 21cm, I had 615cc anatomicals, They help lift the breast and stop that snoopy look, I went to a plastic surgeon.
  9. I was dreading having to replace my implants. I had so much pain and discomfort the first time, if I could have got out of it I would have, BUT one of my saline implants ruptured so I had no choice. I replaced round 380cc saline for 615cc anatomical implants. breezed through recovery and would do it again without a second thought. So much easier.
  10. Good question, I'd like to know that too.
  11. I ate and drank as normally and had no weight gain, just bloating for several weeks.
  12. So true, can relate well to 1 and 6, haven't done 15 yet, but have jammed them in doors.
  13. I was on antibiotics for a sore throat when I had my BA,and was also given a 5 day course after my BA, so you should be ok, if you need antibiotics. To be on the safe side just take panadol until you have spoken to your Dr. Hope your ear feels better soon.
  14. With my first BA kids both boys, were 4 and 11 they were told when I decided to have it done, Think I told them I was having it done so I could get clothes to fit me properly. second BA children all boys were 28, 21 and 15,they were told my saline implant has a leak and I have to go and get them replaced, All they were concerned about was how much pain id be in, My youngest lad was great, kept saying, "mum I'll do that". Husband was terrific too, the only thing I had to do for 6wks was cook dinner. I would tell them sooner rather than later, kids accept things a lot easier than adults do.
  15. You will probably need to buy a bikini top the same size as your bra, I went to splish splash tried on 10s and 12s they looked ridiculous, I had to get a 10F. Fitted looks and feels much better, have fun shopping.
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