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    BA- 09/10/2015 450cc moderate profile plus- unders + Lipo to upper abdomen Dr Chris Allen
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  1. I'm 5 weeks post op and started walking for a hour 3-4 times a week from say 3 weeks post op... I do feel like I've put on a few kilos but I feel more like I've become abit flabby especially my legs... The worst thing is that I have no motivation at all to work out... I get dressed to workout Ann's then just can't be bothered where as before I loves it but I think from having the time off I have just become unmotivated
  2. I'm 172cm and 74kg I got 450cc moderate plus wish I went bigger!!! In clothes u can't even notice I have had them done... Major boob greed lol
  3. As well as everything else the other ladies have commented... Peppermint tea!!! I was soooo bloated post surgery and puffy from all the fluid and found sipping on peppermint tea theoughout the day really helped it go down
  4. Hi girls, I'm nearly 3 weeks post up and I feel like I'm ready to do my daily 6km walk again... My surgeon said I'm fine to resume walking when I feel up to it... My question is, do I just wear my post op bra? Or do I wear that and a sports bra over the top? Or just a sports bra? I don't wanna ruin my new babies lol
  5. Hey girls, ever since my surgery over a week ago... Every night I'm waking up during the night with pins and needles in my hands.... Does any one else get this? Should I be worried about it ?
  6. yeh she ended up getting a certificate from the doctor that she could go to work but it would be light desk duties (which there are none at a beauty therapist) her boss was the same and not very understanding at all... Then her boss was wen more made when she had to have another 6 weeks off after her revision surgery... Maybe ask the doctor to write a medical certificate for you... I doubt they will clear you to go bak to work after a week or two
  7. I'm a stay at home mum so I can't tell you from my experience, however my friend is a beauty therapist she went back after a month and ended up doing damage as its repetative movements doing waxing etc she had to have another lot of surgery as she did some damage and had to have 6 weeks off work the second time
  8. I'm 7 days post op and thought last night I would be okay too... I layed flat (with only 2 pillows, usually I have a fort of 8 having me elevated in 45degree position) and I woke up in the middle of the night and felt awful and sore and got all my pillows bak to sleep elevated again.... Just listen to ur body see how u go
  9. thanks I was borderline needing a lift but decided I wouldnt until after having more kids so just went ahead with a larger implant, don't be nervous to post pics everyone is so nice and supportive no one is going to judge you I had some lipo done on my upper abdomen as when I wore a bra I would have slight bulging underneath the bra and on the sides of my bra so had it out when I had my boobs put it :)
  10. Hey Hun my boobs were really far apart to start with and they still are now I've had implants but it is a thousand times an inprovement and atleast I have volume now.. I have amazing side boob and I'm sure once I have a bra on I will have great cleavage
  11. I'm not sure about walking them but I have two large American Bulldogs and I've found it hard even lifting there dog food up to feed them cause they eat a lot and it's heavy hahaha
  12. I'm 6 days today and have the exact same!! At some stages throughout the day today I would get sharp shooting pains and the bottom of my boobs are aching and overall a lot sorer then they have been the rest of my recoverry
  13. I didn't even feel them getting removed.. The nurse just told me to take a deep breath but I felt nothing... But I'm the same I'm glad I had them there was soooo much fluid in the drains
  14. I got moderate plus profile... Which is but bigger then moderate but not as high profile as high profile lol thanks I'll have a loook I'm hoping so!! There sooo big at the bottom lol I'm hoping they achieve the same up the top... I'm so inpatient lol
  15. Hi girls, I'm only early days day 4 post op... I had borderline lift boobs to begin with and got 450cc under moderate profile plus in... They are a inprovement x 1000 then what they were before just wondering if you think they will get any more upper fullness when they drop and fluff ? Or will I not achieve any upper fullness because I have moderate plus profile? Thanks
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