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    Gold Coast, QLD
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    Dr Craig Layt - 17 July 2014 - 325cc Full Projection Natrelle Round Textured Implants
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    5'8 / 55kg / 34AA
  1. Hi ladies All the best for today teardrop! I am on day 2 and going well. I stopped taking the heavy Panadeine forte and just taking Panadol 4 hourly now. So much better as the forte was making me so groggy. Think ill just take one forte before bed. My right side is definitely feeling larger and more swollen today and its the slightly smaller implant (only by 10cc). The right side has gone quite square up top. And just have a bit of pain in my right underarm today but not too bad. I can feel the left side implant sloshing around a little today. Feels so strange. I must say I'm surprised that not even 48 hours in I'm already off the heavy pain meds and its not that bad. Feeling super tight of course but its manageable so far. G Had my check up yesterday and all good. Didn't have drains to remove so it was a brief 10 min appt just to check the swelling. Hope everyone is recovering well xx
  2. Hi girls thanks for all the well wishes! I am just about to head up to the day surgery! My admission time is 3pm Chat to you all soon!
  3. Rosie that's great to hear you're carrying your baby around already. I'm worried about lifting my 21 month old. Did the dr mention a timeframe to you or just see how you feel? I CANNOT sleep tonight!!!!
  4. Hi everyone So I am going in TOMORROW! So excited yet getting really nervous now. It's quite surreal. I am not going in until 3pm! The day is going to draaaaag so badly!
  5. Hi Blue congrats on your new boobies! Haha! Hope your recovery is going ok
  6. Hi ladies I am currently stuck on the lounge as have come down with a head cold just a week out from my surgery!!! I am trying to rest as much as possible (hard with a toddler though!) and drinking loads of water. My body is a little achey but mainly am just blocked up - yuck!! Here's hoping I'm feeling human by Thursday! I cant reschedule the op! Hope you're all excited.....dates are fast approaching!!
  7. Hi Rosie great news that you're feeling we'll enough to stop the heavy painkillers. What are your feelings on how your new additions feel/look?! Are you happy you've done it? I think your pic on the other thread look amazing! Lively natural result
  8. Hi Rosie looking great so far. You don't look overly swollen from that pic. Hope you're feelin better each day!
  9. Hi girls I know I could do a search on here but what bras are you goin to wear post surgery? I know my dr goes you one but I'd rather not wear the same bra day and night! Do you have any brands Or style names to suggest? Thanks so much. Wow looks like 17th of July is a popular date so far! I am soooo excited. Like a kid before Xmas. I have butterflies all the time
  10. Wow Rosie good luck! I hope you love your new additions and have an easy recovery. I added you as a friend. Hope you don't mind. I ah e some pics from Dr m's Instagram as my wish pics. His results are amazing! You're in great hands!!
  11. Hi girls Should we start a list so we know who is going in when?! If so ill start it off and you can just keep copying pasting it as it gets updated; CJ - 17 July - 325cc HP
  12. Forgot to say that we are near identical height and weight so I definitely think you should go bigger since you have a wider "foot print" as my Dr referred to it.
  13. Hi Jmac God the whole dilemma is stressful isn't it? I have been in two minds about size. Doing my head in! I can only compare to my body but given your BWD I think (in my expert medical opinion hahaha!) you should go with the larger implant of 390cc. My BWD is a tiny 11.5cm and I'm getting 325cc HP and my dr said ill be a mid C in his mind. So I think you would definitely need more cc's to get a D/DD. I think a 335 would look small in your BWD don't you think? Anyway just my two cents!
  14. Meant to say that I'm hoping for a 34c not a 32!
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