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  1. I had really obvious asymmetry one was a lot larger than the other for a while, so worried it wouldn't correct itself however 4 months later try are a lot more even
  2. Hi Len I got 330 cc high profile anatomicals and they are very natural but still have a round look to them I'll add you so you can have a look At my pictures, goodluck!
  3. In the past few weeks I've definitely noticed a size increase in my girls! I had no stretch marks for the first 3 months and in the past couple of weeks I've got a few and I'm noticing them to look a lot bigger. I even notice when I move my arms they are more in the way now and my clothes are tighter and things I bought towards the begining don't fit. I'm soo happy! Boob greed kicked in big time but this is making it a little easier it's been about 4 months now.
  4. I'm kind of similar stats and have my surgery with dr t a few months back I went for 330cc anatomicals. I have pics also, I'll friend request you:)
  5. I have anatomicals if you want to check them out very happy with them and my surgeon says the risk is so little.
  6. Seiboob

    10E bras?

    I work at cotton on body, we go up to a 12e in. Our standard non booster bra and d's in the push-up. They are quite flattering on, I bought a 10e and it's really pretty and so cheap. Goodluck!
  7. Hey ladies, I've had both tapes and clips ins, well I had tapes and when I removed them I sewed clips on them and made some clipins haha woops! Was just wondering what your opinion is the easiest to look after, most comfortable and least noticible. I just remember not being able to wait to take my tapes out as I couldn't put my hair up, but apart from that I'm pretty sure I loves them! However I'm worried if I buy them again I'll remember what I hated about them and why I wanted them out! So I'm torn, not sure if I should go clipins or tapes. My hair is ridiculously long, I just mainly want it for thickness Thanks!
  8. Thanks rockmelon!! That's a good way to think of it! and thankyou! I'm so happy Yes dee I'm in the same situation! I could do with an extra 50cc for sure haha. But I think it's only because I'm used to them. I hope my smaller one is the problem because I'm happy with my big one :)hopefully all settles down for you soon! Keep me updated
  9. I have anatomical and love them. I have photos laying down if you want to see. They have a natural slope so when laying down you can't see the implant shape as much as rounds (in my opinion) And my surgeon said rotation rate is uncommon. The main time it will happen is if you get a lot of fluid in your breast and are doing vigorous movements. Especially because they are textured and under the muscle they are held in place and have very little chance of going anywhere
  10. I will Lauren I'm seeing Sarah I think! But t will be there. Hopefully all goes good. I'm finding out how my dropping is going and if I can get into bras and get off sleeping on my back finally
  11. Yeh they weren't too un even, a lot of the extra size had to do with the lump I got removed. But now they seem to be different. It might just be because I'm over analyzing them. The one that is smaller is still sitting high and not fully rounded yet so that may home something to do with it appearing smaller. Thanks girls I'll just wait it out. I'm not a perfectionist so it doesn't overly bother me, I'm just curious as to if it might not have fluffed fully or not.
  12. Ohhh no usplusthree, hopefully it can be fixed on the ASAP for you! I'm mainly worried because mine were uneven before hand. I'm hoping it's just taking a while to settle. Yeh Lauren mine are still the same as yours I'm so impatient! Hoping it's just going to take time! Really don't want to have to pay to get them fixed!
  13. Hey ladies, I'm 7 weeks post op and have a noticibly larger boob than the other. Was wondering if anyone had unevenness that did correct itself after a few months or should I start to worry? I'm seeing my surgeon on Friday so I can talk to him, I'm just hoping for some advice from girls that might of had the same problem:)
  14. Supppper random question! but has anyone ever studied, worked or done a summer camp over seas? Im so eager to travel and experience the world. Im only 20 and Im doing a degree at uni. If anyone has any advice or experience they would like to share, would love to hear it! Thankyou guysss
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