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    450cc, high profile, round, textured, under the muscle.
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    Dr tang October
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    162cm . 64kg 10a/b

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  1. Hi everyone, I am 7 weeks post BA op and everything has been and is going very smoothly. Recently I was advised by a post op nurse to massage a little more aggressively to help my girls drop, only issue is over the last few days I get the weirdest sensation like the implant is rubbing against something hard and I can actually hear it kind of squeaking/rubbing??? It's gross!!! Can anyone offer any advice or info? I have no discomfort or hardening off the breast at all. Just a little freaked out by this. Thanks in advance.
  2. I have had surgery with him and can only give great feedback 3 weeks post op. He was very professional, honest and realistic in consultation and my boobs are healing great. Nice tidy incision so far.
  3. Thanks to everyone for their responce. I went back to my job today and was it was quite tiring so just took it easy. Had a little pain also so just took some paracetamol. As for my agency employer, they pushed for an answer regarding what the reason was for my absence so i went graphic about the 'procedure on my lady-bits'!!!! I went into some detail about being unable to close my legs or walk, just for the sheer amusement!! Ha ha ha. She soon shut up! On the plus side of things i am 2 weeks post op tomorrow and my boobs are looking better each day, starting to soften and drop. Theyre actually starting to feel like my own which is nice. Thanks again for everyones help and feel free to steal my responce to nosey employers! :0)
  4. Yeah I don't think they should be allow ed to ask. Thanks for the support.
  5. Yeah i was just thinking that i will take it very easy whilst at work and then just go to bed early to keep myself rested. My job is a community nurse so it can be really quiet or very busy and stressful. Im hoping for really quiet! I guess i will go in on monday and just see how i am. Thanks for your feeding back on your experince
  6. Hi Ladies, i had my BA on 23rd Octover and am supposed to return to work on monday 3rd november which means i have had a good 10 days off. I guess my issue is that im alittle concerned its too soon? Im exhausted all the time and still in some pain on my left side. I feel pressure to go back because i am on a casual contract through a nursing agency and they dont know why i have taken the time off and to request more time off may not reflect well on me? I sent my agency a med cert from my doctors which didnt specify why I took this week off, but i did inform them that i had a surgical procedure. Then i recieved an email from them asking what surgery i had? I havnt replied as i feel i am not obliged to answer this and its a bit bloody cheeky to ask! So what do people think that have gone back to work within 10 days? Was this long enough? Thanks in advance.
  7. Im getting the itch itch too. Al over my boobwors. Today the pain in my boobs has eased but bloated all over, swollen belly and just feel a bit poo Flew home to perth today which was hard work with turbulence and people just getting in my way! Ha. I expected all this though, i too have been looking at dresses in my wardrobe thinking soon i'l be able to wear you with pride, instead of padding! Ha ha ha Must keep positive
  8. Hi Rachel. I live south Perth. I am 162 cm tall, weigh 63kg. I am quite athletic and enjoy exercise regularly. Boobs were an empty a/b due to weight loss. Now i think theyre probably a D?? To anyone thinking about flying home asap. You will deffo need the 48hrs, i had it on Thurs morning and am flying back tomorrow (sunday morning). I got an 18month interest free credit card and paid with that. If i havnt paid it off by the 18 months then i will balance transfer onto another. As long as you are on the ball about repayments then credir cards are very useful. Good luck to you all and feel free to ask me any questions
  9. If inwere you i would ring the place that you got it done for advice. If they're advising to go to your local hospital then do that. The pain is unexplainable without meds so you definitely need something extra to cover it. How doo you feel other than that? My left boob is more swollen and painful than the right. Iv been using an ice pack on them regularly. Im bloated +++ and also not pooed since surgery. Dont want to be negative about the experience so trying hard to keep smiling and think soon itl be a lot easier.
  10. I can sympathise with you I can sure sympathise with you, i feel ok but when the painkillers ease off i could cry its so sore. Im taking panadeine fort and endone together. Feel pretty dozey but it does keep the pain at bay. Are u taking anything else?
  11. Ps. The profile pic is my wish boobs, i will post some of me over the next few days.
  12. Hi all, im a perthie. Had my surgery with Dr Tang at TCI yesterday. They were fantastic from start til finish, cant find a fault, very informative, friendly, caring and professional. I had 450cc, round, textured implant under the muscle. Surgery took approx an hour, recovery another 2. Then back to apartment in a taxi to sleep. Very straightforward. You will definitely need someone with you, getting out of bed can be very painful and My main advice so far would be keep in top of the pain meds, don't wait for them to wear off because it hurts like hell on earth! Feel free to ask me any questions and good look in your boobie quest.
  13. Thanks ladies, it is very nice to be able to come here and chat about any concerns. My left boob is definitely more sore than right, feels like a pretty shocking stabbing pain near incision site. Ive taken the panadeine fort which has taken the edge off nicely. Enjoying my chill time. Not used to being a Lazy girl!!
  14. Mich007, i reckon you just shake off that stupid comment that old bag made. In my experience women only make negative comments like that through envy. Perhaps she has issues/insecurities about her own body and thats why she behaved as she did. On the other hand, she could just be a d***head!!!! Well done for maintaining your dignity and keep walking with your head high and beautiful bobbies proud. X
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