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  1. Good luck! Gee the drain removal hurts. Deep breathes & relax as best you can. Overnight stay in hospital last night. Resting at mums today. No idea of results yet. Had a little lipo, it's those bits that hurt worst when due for pain meds. See surgeon tomorrow morning.
  2. Evening All I write from hospital. Surgery earlier today. Took 3 hours which surprised me. I am a little sore. Brain killers are so good though. When surgeon drew on me I was quite pleased with how low scar appears to be. Look forward to knowing/seeing more. Nurses will help me out if bed shortly. That is a little daunting. Thank you for the new photos posted. Love the updates. xx
  3. Evening Everyone Yes please I would like to see scar photos! Yep trading saggy tummy for scar', that's right. Guess we can not have it all! Glad you have been fine at work bussogirl. How are you feeling, Twisty? Why were you on the cover of the paper, TummyMamma? Baire X
  4. The reality is beginning to dawn on me, that my time is very near, so I am thinking about the scar... I know the overall improvement for you all is great, there is no denying we will all be scared though and initially they are very red and angry looking. How can I put my mind at ease, that this is not how it will always be and is worth it?
  5. Hi Everyone, How are you all, updates, please? I am adding friends so I can look at more photos Not long now. I really must take some photos, though I assume the surgeon does. Is that enough? I am not sure I could take my own and who I can ask to do it for me. I plan to be at my mums for the first few days away from children and stairs. I am already sad at the prospect of time away from my Littles! Baire
  6. Gee you all vary so much with your experiences. It sounds like a particularly tough time for you, Captain. I hope you improve soon. I am thinking about logistics when I have my surgery. I will call the surgeon next week however was wondering if any of you needed to navigate stairs? We live in a townhouse. I wonder if I will be able to go up & stay there for as long as needed. If down might be possible? Or if I should stay at my mums for the first couple of days, away from the children also? Another thing is the length of my stay in hospital, surgeon has said overnight. I would like two nights if possible, what have been others experiences in this regard? Thanks!
  7. Oh my goodness! Please let me be ok enough to do this myself!
  8. Oh my goodness, being able to see your photos everyone, is so fantastic! such great results. Time no longer seems to be dragging, November 5 is almost here! yay and eek! I have my girdle, it seems to be quite different to the binders you all seem to talk of, though I guess my procedure is different perhaps. It is a "Marena, post-operative female girdle" very high waisted well under bust really, bike-short legs and tight. Hey, if I look the way these make me appear, all sucked in, post-surgery I will be pleased! I have almost finished my stockpiling of food too. On that note, I really hope I have no appetite when recovering as I can not go to the gym and will not be at all active, I do not want to get fat!
  9. As I am sure you can all relate, I was mulling over things I need to do and when looking at my diary I noticed my period is due the day of my surgery (and I am very regular) how frustrating. I suppose I should tell the surgeon… Also for those who have bought singlets for under their binder, is there a particular type you would recommend? All becoming more real now, I will have my binder fitting next week, no upcoming appointment for a pre-suregery chat has been arranged. When do you think the surgeons office might call, should I contact them? I am also wondering if I could request extra time in hospital.
  10. Your results are looking good tummymumma and yes I will of course trust my surgeon and certainly will ask more questions when I next see her. I like the sound of no muffin top!
  11. Gee that is a if day, TummyMamma, good thing that your mum can help, with two patients now!
  12. Thank you for accepting my friends requests. I have been looking at photos & seeing great results! So tell me please those who have had or have not had liposuction, what is the difference. I will see my surgeon again soon however on initial consultation she said I would not need it & it is what causes a lot of swelling & takes longer to recover. I am not sure that my excess tummy is only skin. It feels quite firm so I thought would be fat.
  13. oops send to soon. I love soup so might feel like having it and very easy if made and in freezer. Ok off to add friends
  14. Ah thanks mrsrosehiptea! I will now be adding everyone as friends then I look forward to seeing photos. I do not plan to do much if on my own (recovering is a good excuse for no cooking or chores!) if I can manage to potter around on my own and that is one less day I need to ask for Tim to be home, thats good. He can "work from home" when children are there too I might actually start to stockpile some food, especially soup which i
  15. Hi Everyone I have been reading everyone's posts regularly. I am lost as to how I can see photos though. Could someone please help? I read all the comments about them, but where are they? Thanks. Operation day for me is coming up fast (November 5th) and it is beginning to dawn on me how close this is! Is the recommendation to start taking arnica tablets soon after surgery? as I expect no creams will be able to be used. Also, how long do you actually need someone there with you, to look after you? I have my operation on a Wednesday. Children are in c care on Thursdays and Fridays. Would it be best for my husband to be home with me, both days? or might he be able to go to work on the Friday? I am so glad to read how pleased everyone has been with their results. Take Care Claire
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