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  1. Recommend Dr Duong 100 % :-)
  2. I went to TCI Parramatta and had Dr Duong! Could not be happier! He is great! :-)
  3. I also had a horrible recovery, nothing at all like the " no pain, going shopping the next day " experience for me!! I guess what made it horrible was reading all those glam recovery stories and not enough of the hard ones.. not knowing to expect what it was really going to be like!! I was in a lot of pain for at least 3 to 4 weeks, even now at three months although they don't hurt any more they are still not comfortable yet, although I do believe that time is coming Thanks for sharing..
  4. Congrats Mische! ... And even more congrats that your pain is minimal! :-)
  5. Im devo I have put on over 3 kilos!!!!! I have no idea why but its makin me sad!!! lol Maybe cause I'm not as active?? Thats a big number though so not happy!!
  6. I went looking today and found a few at David Jones They were nice, but decided to wait as not sure if this is the size i'll stay yet?!?!?
  7. Good luck! They can always ultrasound you?? Somewhere?? I think.
  8. Wow Danni!! That sure is a list! Well done, wish I had read it before my BA lol :-) Great stuff there!
  9. Hi I had mine three weeks ago with Dr Duong at TCI .. It is very straight forward and easy, no fuss. In and out. They are very good. Nice and clean. Good Luck!
  10. Yes they gave me Endone and panadine Forte also recommended Nurofen , The Endone was fantastic ( for me ) however sometimes I think it disagrees with people … and they do make u a bit … out of it ( in a good way ) .. Of late Ive been taking the Mersyndol tabs at night , they help give me a full night sleep!!! All the best with your BA :-)
  11. Hi Rosieee Im much older than you, however I wish i'd had the courage to do it earlier ( or the funds ) .. I never worried about anything like that CC maybe I didn't read up enough, there have been a few girls on here who have had it happen to them, hopefully they will fill you in. I am in quite a lot of pain still 3 weeks after BA I'm positive though once that all gets better I will be so happy. ( I do pray I do not have to go back for surgery in the future! ) As pink butterfly said you know your reasons. If you are unhappy now, you probably will be like me and go through the rest of your life unhappy until you try it, however if you can live with them and you don't think they are that bad, then you could reconsider.. obviously choice is up to you. All the best sweets!
  12. I had Dr Duong from TCI and on his profile it states he is both plastic and cosmetic. :-) nobody ever mentions that in this forum, But it's there if you look him up.
  13. Becca89 I felt the same but a few girls have had them with him and LOVED him. I really recommend him and think he is a careful surgeon, he told me not one of his patients have ever had an infection after surgery! He does a great job.
  14. Congrats!! Thanks for sharing x rest up :-)
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