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    In the process of booking surgery with Dr Boonchai, PIAC, Feb 2015
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    23 years old, 157cm (5"2), 46kg (101lbs), 10B pre op
  1. Thank you all for your replies. I have decided to go with Dr Boonchai at PIAC in Bangkok and contacted the hospital directly via their website. I have now received the docts feedback and am waiting on my date confirmation! Exciting
  2. What do you mean their dollar is rapidly decreasing? Isn't that a good thing if we are AUD? Or is their currency getting stronger? I haven't been watching the market but am heading over in Feb.
  3. Madeline!! I am in the process now of booking with Mr B for April next year. Did it take a while for PIAC to get back to you? I emailed them on Friday morning and they are yet to reply (now Monday night). I am a bit of a stress head too and know the exact date I want hehe You will let me know how you go! Did you date get approved?
  4. Have a great recovery! Who was your surgeon and where did you have your surgery?
  5. I am really stuck as to who to go with for BA surgery in Bangkok. I had originally chosen to go with Dr Pichit, but have since read some horrible reviews. Can anyone recommend a good surgeon for BA, any I should steer clear of?
  6. Fresh to this website! I have a trip planned in April next year and am looking to have BA. I had originally contacted Destination Beauty but since have found some bad reviews. I will be traveling with my partner and often travel overseas yearly. I chose to contact Destination Beauty as I am not sure how to organise the surgery myself. I'd rather not go through them or anybody similar if I can and organise the surgery myself directly. Can anybody recommend a good surgeon for BA in Bangkok, and any ideas on how I organise surgery myself and not through a shadow company like Destination Beauty. Thanks A
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