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  1. Omg Em! They are seriously amazing!
  2. I've also only heard great reviews about him! A friend of mine got hers done by him and they look great! More of a natural look and she had looked at many PS before choosing him. I think he will be my pick.
  3. I feel like when I eventually see Dr Jake Lim, I'll be taking your photos and saying 'like this please!'. You're looking amazing babe!!! Keep up the posts, a lot of the time you're asking questions on here which I would ask! Thanks!
  4. Hey! I'm looking into Dr Jake Lim also, and after the same look as you! I sent you a message
  5. Oh how exciting! I would love to follow your journey to see how you go! I just haven't seen many reviews about him and there aren't any before or after shots for me to see before I commit! Does he show before and after shots in the consultation at least? Thanks and I've sent you a FR if you don't mind!
  6. Following this post, I'm very similar to you and wanted to ask the same questions!
  7. Hi Ladies, Has anyone had Breast implants or had a consultation with Dr Preketes? Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks!
  8. I ended up going with genioplasty with dr Jeremy hunt with great results. Much more confident within myself now
  9. Hey! I'm actually going to see Dr Jeremy Hunt in Sydney for a consultation in October. He was reccomended to me by another surgeon. Fingers crossed he is good. He sent me a brochure and his before and after photos look great. Unfortunately I won't be able to go to Thailand, so finding a Sydney surgeon is a better option for me. Thanks for your responses! I can let you know how my consultation goes
  10. Thanks for your reply! Did Dr Pincock seem pretty confident with the chin augmentation? I have just been refered by another surgeon to see Dr Jeremy Hunt. I know there are many, just trying to find the best for my situation.
  11. Any positive/negative feedback on these surgeons? I'm looking to have chin Augmentation done, trying to find the best surgeon
  12. Wondering how your surgery went? I am looking into getting an implant, sliding Genioplasty done in the coming months. Trying to find the best surgeon in sydney
  13. Just wondering how your chin implants went as I am looking to get this done in the coming months due to a very weak chin which I'm very self concious of.
  14. Hi, just wondering if anyone has had a chin implant or sliding genioplasty? I have an extremely weak chin and have been very self concious about it since I can remember. When I was younger an orthodontist told me I 'was beautiful from my nose up, then you see my chin... ' Words that it will never forget and have damaged me mentally! I have been thinking about cosmetic surgery for a long time, and I really want to get it done as I think it will give me confidence. I'm 24, hate being in photos and always find I'm hiding my chin however I can! I'm trying to find a surgeon in sydney. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks x
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