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    275cc round textured under muscle. 51kilo 165cm . 2 children. Pre op 10c post op.. not sized as of yet
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    dr hunt

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  1. I was told to wear no bra for 3 months. No support bra nothing but a crop top if i wanted . Funny how different surgeons want different things
  2. Day 12 and running extremely low on sleep. I get night sweats when it isnt hot and it has only been since surgery and just cannot for the life of me sleep without something being in pain. During the day i feel great lol but each day i am getting crankier and crankier look out customers at work tomorrow eeeek
  3. Hello and welcome ☺ i have heard great things about tci. I was so paranoid i wanted a board certified surgeon and i love my results . Some pics on my profile, i got a great result from a very small size 275cc so it really depends on your size shape and current breast tissue and shape. I am yet to hear anything bad about tci all the girls seem really happy and a great price. I went with dr hunt and mine was 10k all up. Good luck with your boobie quest it is a rollercoaster ride ☺☺
  4. Do you have it and how bad? Did it start from straight after and get worse or better? I could always make my boobs jump moving my pecs and the surgeon said i should idealy be anle to put my hands on my hips and make them jump a little. This is the case however im 8 days post op and still so sore i can't help but wonder if the muscle distortion is causing the pain as soon as i push myself a little such as pull a pillow or suddenly move my muSCke pulls tight and my boobs jump and it bloody hurts...
  5. Thank you all. Besides the bruising and heaviness i actually feel a little more alive today and got a nice little nap in earlier on
  6. Not sure if i need to call someone and it is sunday
  7. I also have bruising in my stomach area
  8. How much did you bruise after surgery?? I woke up sweating between my boobs last night even though it is cold. I still have my strips on until tomorrow which will be day 6 and i go to get them changed but one side is quite bruised and u can see blood at the sides and top of the steristrips. The other side is fine. Is bruising a bad sign. I am still very sore but stopped pain meds a couple of days ago due to migraines
  9. There can be a big price difference between hospitals. I used dr hunt but i changed my date as north shore was 1660 and the original one was over 3k. Im sure he works out of north shore i saw his name up there when i had mine maybe if you are willing to change dates you can get a cheaper hospital. I was really happy with north shore private
  10. Thank you all ill head to chamiat tomorrow if i can brush my hair lol and get something to help the bowels . My head is just starting to ease. I was on endo valium and antibiotics. Now im just taking antibiotics and panadol. Maybe it was the drugs or anaesthetic and my sore neck from sleeping... or more likely a mix of all of the above. I reckon at the end of this ill have great boobs and a fat gut and butt lol all ive done is sit and wleat feeling sorry for myself haha. I try to walk around but fèels like my boobs will drop off. Cant wait to be on the other end of all this .
  11. After ba on tue i felt great but yest it hit me hard then later in the arvo i had the worst splitting headache. No painkiller helped . Just feel nauseous and headache. Still eating and no fever. Docs say it is ok but really i feel like *****. My butt hurts from siting on it and sleeping upright. I am meant to go back to work next week but atm i cant imagine feeling normal. Anyone else want to have a whinge too?
  12. Hi all Just got home from surgery. Nearly cancelled waalking into operating theatre lol but next minute i woke up and i was ready to go lol felt great but starving. Now i am home it feels like a elephant is sitting on my chest hurts to breath but the rest is fine. Just having a feed and watching a movie. Had a sneak peak and i am in love xx
  13. Thank you lovely ladies i will update you all . Super scared
  14. Hey i have my ba with dr hunt in 2 days and im pretty scared lol. Love to hear more about your experience and size etc
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