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  1. Hi all! Just wondering who has gone with an ENT for rhinoplasty. I have a deviated septum, enlarged turbines and require surgery. I want to have the aesthic visual appearance fixed while under the knife. Looking for others experiences. Willing to travel for the right surgeon. My Local ENT doesn’t do rhinoplasty, but mentioned to be wary as some plastic surgeons are not great with sinus issues, likewise ENT’s and rhinoplasty.
  2. Hi! Did you end up having surgery? Who did you go with? I also have a referral for end of month with Dr. Maurice Stevens
  3. Looking for reviews and before and after for rhinoplasty and tummy tuck in qld. Will travel interstate if budget allows. But thought I would see what's on offer in qld first.
  4. Thanks for sharing your story. Can't wait to see photos
  5. I'm in central qld and while surgery in qld is prefered I'm willing to travel further for a great surgeon and price. Was hoping to get both surgeries done at once to save $.
  6. Yes also interested in cost looking at BA and BL and TT
  7. Has anyone had both procedures done together? Most ppl I know that have had nose jobs say pain isn't too big an issue afterwards and I am wondering if I could combine the two surgeries to minimize cost and time away. Those who have, who was your surgeon and are you happy?
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