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  1. There isn't much swelling there though.. He told me not to worry about it and gave me another script for endone and Keflex.. I've tried to like, 'massage' the area to try and relieve some tension but it doesn't seem to do much..
  2. Can anyone recommend me a PS to see for revision / second opinion on post op..? I'm starting to get abit worried the pain is increasing and considering some of the other misfortunes the girls have had..
  3. Most likely I'd say. And from the water in the shower reacting with the stickiness of the coverings
  4. Maybe I'll give the arnica another shot that's exactly where the shooting pain is, deep in my armpit/side or ribs around the top of breast to my nipple. It's the worst pain I've had in the whole experience so far and nothing seems to helps that one but otherwise I actually have no pain atm (bet you I've jinxed myself now) other than that. I'm sure he'll figure it out in a few week or so when he sees me jogging haha. The endone only works if I take it every two-three hours and I've inly got 6 left so I'm taking diazepam and panadeine forte for the time being.. Must be too bad I'm not in much pain have posted a couple pics too
  5. Not too bad Laurenvb, bit tense but shooting pains in the right but otherwise optimistic
  6. Morning beautiful, I found the arnica tablets to be totally gross! Besides the fact I don't actually have any brusing, was recommended not to bother with them anymore. Are the shooting pains anywhere in particular? Or just general? My neighbour busted me crying on my balcony when I couldn't open the door to go back inside.. I think he had a bit of a giggle
  7. Morning ladies, I'm not too bad today, morning side boob was agony but and the partner wasn't home but that was the worst of it so far. Had some endone and diazepam, made myself some breakfast so that's gotta be progress
  8. I have, even sent him pics. I've just had my first shower, and I know exactly what you mean about the warm water! It was amazing!!!! My partner is a wonderful man, he'll get them for me. I get up and slowly walk around every hour or so, otherwise I find I sit there and the pain builds. Whether that's mental or not who knows but the physicality helps tenfold. Gently tho
  9. I've been taking the endone every 2 hours and it's kicked in now. Thank god ! Though I'm about to run out so im about to call him again to organise another script
  10. Hi laurenvb, the painkillers don't ease it at all I've never cried so much in my life! Endone and diazepam. Doc told me not to take panadol not sure why.. he also told me to go to my local hospital and they'll give me morphine of the endone doesn't do anything.. I Usually have a very strong pain threshold so I'm reluctant to go
  11. Hi ladies, anyone have any issues with endone not having any effect to reduce pain? It's really starting to get to me now
  12. You'll be fine chick. Just think, two less days freaking
  13. It certainly isn't long now! For someone who's suffered from pcos for years- it'll simply be great to feel feminine again
  14. I'm still organising a few last things at home but mostly done
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