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  1. ...5 months and your booked for surgery? I would think you still have milk in your ducts. Just be careful because if they open you up and find milk they wont operate... It increases the chance of infection. i have only ever heard to wait minimum 9 months after birth for a BA. There is a bill you can take just for before surgery by script from a doctor to stop your period. You take it 5 days before upto 10 days after you are due. X best of luck... hope your baby is going well... 6 months is a lovely age.
  2. thanks heaps Kate x you've described my issues to a T so i feel much better now...
  3. Up dated photos of journey now also up fyi x
  4. Ok need to reassuring... 2 weeks post op yesterday. My left boob is still sore and swollen. Especially behind my nipple... normal? Others still having this sharp nerve pain and fluid movement when you lean forward and squat up and down? Ta xx
  5. I had surgery 10 days ago with Dr N via email he suggested dual plane tear drop. Face to face changed tp over muscle round dont stress... i have before and after if it helps but as i say i went rounds over in the end. Enjoy the journey!
  6. Ended up going on the phi phi cruiser nightmare 50 degrees packed in like sardines then got my period. Everyone was sneezing and coughing it took 3 hours each way! Omg get me outta here!! Home tomorrow morning i can not wait! X
  7. Did anyone go to phi phi on the speed boat? 1 week post op booked tomorrow... not sure??
  8. Good luck huni xoxox see you on the other booby side!
  9. Minx hun did they give you more meds when you went for check up and stitches removal? I am nearly out of three types now
  10. Ouch x i am looking forward to them feeling like a part of me!
  11. Day 5 feeling pretty lousy... Ready to be home with my boys. Looking forward to valentines dinner with the gorgeous dreambody hope we both keep our food down hahaa x
  12. Anyone elses boobs at around 7pm every night post op go rock hard and kill!! Like when you milk comes in and mastitis is threatening ? :
  13. Is anyone else finding at about 7-8pm your boobs swell up excessively and start hurting?
  14. 5th day post op and getting there... more photos up for those interested xx
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