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  1. Im getting BA/BL in a week with Dr Tim Brown in Berwick.
  2. Thanks so much for the update with Tim, there isn't much about him so this is great. Really looking forward to my with him.
  3. This is great Rachy. My BA/BL is with Tim on November 8th. So excited!
  4. Hi Jody, I am booked in with Tim for November 8th. How did your surgery go? Oops just realised its still 4 days away. Id love to keep in contact with you to see how everything goes with Tim. Hey suggested all the same to me.
  5. Hi ladies, I had my BA/BL consult with Dr Tim Brown today and I'm so happy with him, he was amazing. I think I'm going to go with him. The only thing is I forgot to ask if he shows pictures of any of his work. Has anyone been you him? Were you happy? Id love to see pictures please ☺
  6. I had my consult with Tim today and he was so good!!
  7. I am also thinking of using Tim Brown. A couple of my girlfriends have used him and highly recommend him. I'd like to see some pics too!
  8. I got told 2 different time frames. One was 6 months after and one was 12 months after. But I was getting a lift as well so it might be different. Definitely give your Surgeon a call tomorrow! X
  9. AAhhhh reading all this has got me so excited. Ill be thinking of you tomorrow
  10. Hi Gabby, How are you healing? Has it been really painful? Are you happy with the shape and size?
  11. Hi ladies,I'm also looking to get a BL with maybe implants done in Perth. Trying to decide on a surgeon is so hard and even harder living up north. I haven't looked into Dr Mark Lee yet, will do that now. Was your surgery expensive? If it's going to cost me too much I will just settle with a reduction/lift and no implants. Glad you're both healing well
  12. lucky you, January is so close! What are you getting done?
  13. Thanks Usplusthree, hoping to get to Perth early next year and I'll book in for then.
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