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  1. I def say yes its worth it! Mine are 6 weeks old and the scarring has already improved. My ps said it takes about 12 months and thats ok for me. I love my perky boobs, they feel so much lighter than pre bl/ba
  2. Tanstime


    My surgery went really well I'm 5 weeks post op. It was close to $20k . If u only need BA my friend was around $12-14k I think. He has done an amazing job on mine, recovery was really not bad. I expected it to be far far worse. Good luck in your boobie quest
  3. I also had Tim with BL/BA, I'm now 5 weeks po and my boobs look gr8. They have really dropped in the last day or so. At first they were squarish looking and so high up. My hubby wasn't loving them at all, his face was sometimes scared when he looked at them Patience is so hard and weeks seem like months but I trust Tims work and believe that all will fall into place. Good luck
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    Hi, I am booked in next Wednesday for BL/BA and lipo. Have a friend who has 3 friends who have work from him and loved the results. I have also researched loads sob hopefully he is!
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