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  1. 3 weeks post op Tuesday also!! Feeling much better, starting to see a nicer shape, still not entirely happy but they are changing. My surgeon has already said he will want to tweak the scars a bit, tighten one up and reposition the nipple. I've just tried to stop looking at them I'll wait out the 3mths then re-assess. I still have so much bruising at the bottom. One of my nipples is perfectly round which is great but the other doesn't look so perfect.
  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one ahahha i am starting to feel a little better, they are dropping but still so square and don’t get me started on my nips ? I’m just so anxious to see!!
  3. That makes me feel a little better! If I really concentrate I can kind of see shape forming under areas of swelling but they are still messed up!! I am that person that freaks from day 1 ahahahhaa My first BA was over the muscle so the implants just basically filled out my skin and they were nice and round from the start so I wasn't really prepared or this.
  4. So I'm 1week1day post revision, had my implants moved under the muscle and a full anchor lift. I know its early days but I feel like its gone completely wrong. My nipples are not round and I feel like they are too low and too far out, I seem to have little nicks here and there and the incision at the inframammary fold seems to be like bunched up and even has a bit of a lump of skin! Did anyone else think they had been totally butchered then have them actually heal nicely?
  5. Im 3days post op from breast revision with Dr Sam Cunneen. Haven't seen the properly as they are still bandaged up, so anxious to see them.
  6. Im 3day post breast revision with a lift and I'm feeling the tingling around my nips. Haven't seen mine yet either bandages come off tuesday, so anxious to see the scars!!
  7. I got that item number but my GP wrote bout my rippling in my referral. I am also having a lift which I have heard you can have an item number for if your youngest child is under 7yo which mine is but I didn't get an item number for that. Maybe because it wasn't on my referral.
  8. I am booked for a revision with Dr Sam Cunneen in April. I liked him at my consult everything he said made sense. Can I ask why you're having a revision? I wanted to book with Dr Tav but couldn't afford him
  9. How long did it take for your quote to come through? he is recommending anatomical with a taller implant he said I could go up to 440cc and dual plane with a lift but just around the nipple. I still haven’t received my quote though even after contacting them twice ?
  10. I have a consult booked in with another surgeon but I think I'm going to cancel I'm so happy with my meeting with Dr Cunneen, just waiting for my quote then I can book!! How much did you pay for your surgery?
  11. Has anyone had a lift with Dr Sam Cunneen in Perth? I'm curious to see how his work heals. I had my consultation for a revision and he wants to do a mini lift so I'll just have the scars around my nipples but would love to see some of his work! Hoping to book before May!
  12. Ok can someone help me understand my sculptor report. What is the breast width and breast base width? Is this what mine currently are? I have implants already but have quite a gap between so want implants with a larger diameter.
  13. Did you end up having rhino in Thailand?
  14. Hi all I want to hear some reviews and see pictures of rhinoplasty by Dr Narupon. So far everything about him seems great, I want to have my breast revision and rhino done at the same time but I can't find as many rhinoplasty reviews from Dr Narupon as I can BA
  15. So I'm planning to have my implants re-done from overs to unders as I have visible ripples Any recommendations for the best surgeon for revision? I'm in Perth but don't mind traveling for a great surgeon.
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