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  1. Hi, your tummy looks like mine did. Not long to wait now :)

  2. Hi Julie Ann, thanks, yes im happy. Decided to make an effort to do some ab excersises... been avoiding it cos im still sore - but I think its time :) hows your weight loss going, are you where you want to be yet?

  3. Hi again, I did think I should be pain free by now... I will ring tomorrow and make an appointment. I ve just posted my 4 month pics. You can see my scar isnt hidden by my knickers, but I dont care, im still happy with it , is a great improvement from my pre op look :) Ill let you know how I get on..

  4. Hi Mousey, youre pics look great. I think my scar must be quite high as it isnt covered by my knickers, or the bikinis I already have! Looks like ill have to buy higher cut ones! My abs are still sore too, are yours?

  5. Hey Julie Ann, how are you going?

  6. Hi there, sorrry for the delay in replying... my dodgy bit is now healed, after 2 courses of antibiotics and a couple of ingrowing hairs that got infected... its difficult being in the area it is with continually growing hair! hoping the worst is over now. However I am still sore, when I cough or sneeze my abs contract and hurt :( not sure if this is normal, but im a bit over that too now.. How are you?

  7. Hi there, Sorry it took me so long to reply... The bit that didnt heal straight away is looking better now, I will upload some more pics soon. My abs are still painful - not sure if this is normal, but when I sneeze or cough and they contract it hurts :( How are you going, have you any post op pics yet?

  8. Hi francoise, I've accepted your friend request, Ferlinghetti free to look at my awful pre tt pics too :( I'm nearly 6 weeks post op now and when for a little run with my dog this morning, best of luck with your journey x

  9. Hi mousey, hope everything went ok today, I've been thinking about you.

  10. cont.. needless to say I used the bedpan instead haha. that was the worst of the pain, I think my body probably needed that boost to get me going as from then on i was able to pull myself around the bed all night, as i sleep on my side. i took regulary pain relief for the 3 days I was in hospital and mainly just on a night when i went home. ive posted day 1 and day 2 post op in new threads and then in wobbleguts thread, and again when i posted my pics. stay in touch, it will be your turn soon. it is so well worth it xx had to separate this message into 3 - so thats why its upside down - sorry

  11. cont.. So the nurse tries to get me up, and i guess i should have said something but I wanted to get up too... apparently they hadnt told me that it took ages for me to come out of the anaestetic, and i felt so sleepy i couldnt keep my eyes open even after the 5 hours they kept me in recovery!! She helped me lie on my side, legs dangling off the side of the bed and helped me sit up, the pain was excruciating.. i thought id just hurt down where my scar was but it hurt all the way up to my ribs, like someone had scrubbed it with a cheese grater! i cried out in pain and she gave me a pillow to hold against my tummy...the next thing i know im back on my side lying on the bed breathing very deeply. i said - i fainted didnt i?

  12. hi there :), thanks for your friend request, ive just re loaded my pics today as whatever i did to them had them very small, and yesterday was day 14 so i took some more. Yes it hurt like hell the first night when the nurse tried to get me out of bed to go to the toilet, but she ended up getting the worst of it cos i fainted, after that though i started to feel a whole heap better!! I have low blood pressure and did make sure everyone knew, cos i didnt want them to worry about it and cancel my surgery, i live with it every day and know I cant get up too quick or i hit the deck... however I forgot to share that the same happens if im in too much pain, or if i feel im going to be sick... ive fainted and fell off the toliet once when my period pain cought me by surprise!!!

  13. hi Wobbleguts, actually the dressing came off really well, i did brace myself for it as i thought showering and drying it over the week would have well and truely increased its sticking capacity! not so - thank goodness. I know what you mean about worrying about the stitches coming undone, skin really is a remarkable thing, that it can re heal its self very quickly :)

  14. hi miz lisa, ive just re uploaded my pics and they are bigger, woohoo! ive taken day 14 yesterday and on the front view you can see my stretch marks more clearly, they are still shiney and wider as they are stretched, but they are flat and not crinckly - which i hated. your turn soon xx

  15. Hi tinkles, who is doing it and where? Have you waited long? Mine was booked in just8 weeks from my 1st consult. I was nervous too, but also excited, so glad I've done it, I hated my tummy the way it was, house bound at the mo as not driving - spending a fortune on eBay on new clothes haha. Don't forget to take some before pics, all the best, I'll be watching for your post op posts x

  16. Hi wobbleguts, that is one huge operation youve had, and you look awesome already, looks painful in some shots, probably hard to find a comfortable spot when your in bed, I can't sleep on my back so even night one I was pulling myself over on to my sides to sleep. I told my PS in the morning and he said he wasnt bothered how I slept as long as I was comfortable, that was good to know. Yes I keep looking in the mirror, I've also been buying new clothes from my bed - thank you eBay :) lol. Keep up the good work xx

  17. Hi there mumoffour, Hope you're ok following your surgery, log in and chat again soon, take care

  18. Hi there, It's going to cost about $8200, that's if I stay for three nights. Dr Marshall operates at a few hospitals but explained if I booked into stirling that is the cheaper option as the hospital does not have an intensive care unit to support therefore their charges are less, his fee and his assistant are $3000, the anaethatist is $1100 and the theatre costs about $2300, overnight stays are $560 each, and $100 for a binder (compression wrap to wear after surgery) so I thought the cost all up was ok. I'm already over the $2000 Medicare threshold as my son has braces so I'll expect to get back 20% say $1600 so it will have cost me $6600, not bad considering I don't have insurance :) its only 4weeks now and I'm rubbing vitamin e cream in my belly everyday to help reduce the possibility of more stretch marks!

  19. Hi Julie Ann, I'm in Adelaide and asked my dr for 2 referrals, 1for Michelle lodge public and 1for Nicholas Marshall private, I don't have PI. I rang dr Marshall on north tce and made an appt and took my referral along, I rand the QEH and was told I have to get the referral faxed through and they would send me an appt. At the consult with dr Marshall I decided to go with him, and was given a choice of surgery dates, I chose 10 may (could have had earlier) that was 8 weeks from the consult date. My surgery is at stirling as it's the cheaper of the private hospitals he operates at. Still haven't heard anything from the QEH, but don't expect to by the sounds of what others are posting on here regarding wait times. So I'm 4weeks off already, can't wait. I've sent you a friend request as I've posted 2 before pics, I'm a size 8 with an overhang from having two big boys both by section :)

  20. Hi Mousey77, I've accepted your friend request, I have pre TT pic on my profile, I'm booked in for 10th may. My youngest son is 11 now and I have my boobs reduced when he was 2, was a double f after kids and they just hung there -not a good look, I loved my boobs from day 1 and never looked back, now it's time for my tummy, think I may not be having it done if I were still with the father of my boys, even though I said I didn't like it he reassured me it was ok as it was made by the boys ( male thinking) and I shouldn't be so critical. But we are no longer together and I have a wonderful new partner who can see how much this troubles me, he is very supportive for me to be happy with how I look. So bring on may, stay in touch and it will be good so share our progress :)

  21. Hi spots, Hope you're feeling ok, a week ago already! Take it easy

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