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    just_fake_it reacted to mycosmeticjourney in Has anyone had a revision because they were unhappy with size achieved with first op?   
    It's so weird how it works - how 300 cc will look huge on one person but more modest on the other - even if they started out with the same bra size!
    Mine are not small and I got measured as a 10E which was the size I requested in consultation (I also went my biggest) however in the next few years when I have the money I plan to get an upgrade. I desire the "glamour" look where the boobs look big in proportion to the body. I do feel like this look is achieved now but I want it to be more exaggerated lol. And I still don't think they look that big in clothes. I have serious boob greed 
    I went 415/450 cc HP implants. I have seen people go to a 10F with this cc. 
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    just_fake_it got a reaction from Abevemi in Implants without a lift   
    I hear you! Anything is better than my pre op boobs and I figure if I ever need a lift I can get one later down the track.
    They aren't sitting completely natural just yet as I'm only 12 days post op but since I've been massaging they have been dropping and fluffing nicely so I'm pretty sure they'll be looking great by the time they have fully settled. Looking at me now, you can't tell that they were empty sacks so I'm completely over the moon! 😊
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    just_fake_it got a reaction from Anna in Implants without a lift   
    Hey Mia I'll post some here.
    Anna that's not me. That's what I asked the surgeon to give me haha.

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    just_fake_it got a reaction from Anna in Implants without a lift   
    I was a deflated B/C dependong on bra. I have photos in my pre/post op album. I'll see if I can find it for you. 
    Hopefully this link works. I really have no idea what I'm doing lol
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    just_fake_it got a reaction from Anna in Implants without a lift   
    I'm borderline (2 kids). I'm only 10 days post with 485cc round, HP, unders (no lift) but so far everything's fine and in the right place. They still look a bit like lego boobs but are starting to settle well.
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    just_fake_it reacted to Melina88 in Eeek! Incision split   
    no worries :-) yeah, I'm getting another revision so not too worried about my scar, it always heals quite well anyway...fades to white...glad it's not painful too! Xx
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    just_fake_it reacted to Rustnut in Breast feeding issues?   
    I had my first implants inserted 16 years ago aged 20 under the muscle with incision in crease.
    A few years later we started a family and I breastfed 4 babies in 4 1/2 years. They did a perfect job   and still looked great afterwards 
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    just_fake_it reacted to Moderator in Symmastia bra   
    Hi just_fake_it I have seen a number of girls on the forum who have had to wear a symmastia bra. It is definitely not unheard of
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    just_fake_it reacted to Abevemi in Facebook page   
    I vaguely remember reading something about there being a fb page.....if I wasn't going mad, and there is a page, can someone please add me, or give me a link to the page? TIA
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    just_fake_it got a reaction from Vivian in Has anyone else gone this big?   
    Thanks ladies. Looks like I'm going to have very big boobies! Woohoo 😄
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    just_fake_it reacted to RH4K in Has anyone else gone this big?   
    I would think you will end up an E-F
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    just_fake_it reacted to donatella in Size help?   
    I am 165cm and 58kg with 550cc they are amazing you will love them 
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    just_fake_it reacted to TallGirl in Has anyone else gone this big?   
    I'm 183cm 78kg and dr suggested 485cc hp for a d-dd look.  I'm going to go bigger though
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    just_fake_it reacted to Abevemi in Has anyone else gone this big?   
    I am 166cm, 59kg and will be getting 440cc.  I have a lot of skin to fill out after breastfeeding though.
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    just_fake_it reacted to gracie.d in Has anyone else gone this big?   
    168cm 50kgs i went 495cc extra high profile
    Am now a 10E. I love them. They do look pretty big but i can still make them more discreet in a looser black top. 
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    just_fake_it reacted to Jaddles in Coconut oil pre op BA advice?   
    I used every oil under the sun when I was preggers after seeing my SILs HORRENDOUS stretchies. I swore that would never happen to me, so lubed my belly till it shone twice a day and guess what? My belly was way worse than hers. I started getting them at 14 weeks pregnant, I'd gained 0.8kg. It's genetics ladies, you're either pre-disposed to stretchmarks or you're not. If you didn't get them, it's not because you rubbed anything on them, any more than the reason I got them so bad is because I was lazy and didn't look after myself.

    Stretchmarks form in the collagen layer, way down deep in the connective layer. No oil or cream or other hoodoo penetrates that far below the surface of your skin. It can't hurt to moisturise, but you're not preventing stretchmarks.
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    just_fake_it got a reaction from Boobwish in knocked back from MAC Credit finance   
    Thanks boobwish
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