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    Small 10B wanting full 12D-DD
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    Dr Piyapas 21/9/2012
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  1. courty i will be honest i was scared and worried about the surgery i was never scared with the doctor i picked nor the hospital i had read good and bad feedback from ladies and indeed these need to be taken into consideration it comes down in my opinion you have to trust yourself in your decision making dont be scared do your research and obtain that trust you need to make your decision the right one for you i found doing it myself was easy i had control of what i wanted where to stay flights with the bull**** in between i dealt direct with BHP certain facilitator should stay well clear off in my opinion congrat happy coconut yes your partner is correct its great talking with all PIYAPAS girls i think i should start a group for his girls?
  2. Just a quick update on my progress so far day 26 I have not problem sleeping on either side have done for the last week which I'm happy about defiantly hate sleeping on my back I'm still wearing either a post op bra or sports bra for that comfort support unsure when I should get the girls into a sexy bra All scab on incisions are gone and rubbing bio oil all over day and night I have noticed my nipples pretty much stick out more then normal don't know how I feel really about this most tops I wear you see them pointing out lol I do massage a little not even 15 min a day just finding the time but I must say it feels better massaging them now the it has ever been I guess due to the swellings gone there dropping and becoming softer which equals easier to massage so 15min may now turn to a hour with the help of my fiancée lol I have started walking on my treadmill no problem there just not ready to do that first jog yet They feel hard in the mornings got to give them a little nudge to wake up but way better now then the first couple weeks Other then that progress is still going great and very happy.
  3. I'm reading and reading and reading all your comments What DR performed this surgery dr witoon ???
  4. All the best on not hetting Nothing big or stripperish
  5. Hi I also recently had Dr Piyapas and iam happy with the overall experience Especially with my new girls Good luck with your research
  6. Wow 6 weeks is going to come around so quick I bet you can't wait I know how that felt
  7. Thanks ladies feeling and looking great going to put some more pics up to share Chach I tried reply to your message your inbox in full again lol I'm going to get on skype in a little if you like to chat have have a look :-)
  8. Finally have finished all my medication swelling has pretty much gone Just applying bio oil slowly starting to sleep on my side They defiantly changing everyday and feeling more comftorbull I haven't been massaging as often as I should I feel I don't need to Sorry for this silly question but how important is it to massage?
  9. Hi ladies I would like to thank everyone for all there experiences advice and friendship this forum has been my bible for over the last 7months you ladies have given me knowledge on making my experience easier so big thank you :-) Dr Piyapas is a lovely man who made me feel I was in the best experienced hands possible he explained all my size options pros and cons and what his overall opinion was The staff at The hospital are lovely always smiling and a gentle nature going for all my test were quick with no waiting I think my surgery went for around 4hrs when I was in my room all I felt was the tightness on my chest I gave them a quick feel I thought **** I really have boobies now lol dozing in and out the next day Dr Piyapas come to check up and remove the drains I hated it hert so much I screamed lol but now I think about it it's like getting waxed for the first time that ripping feeling I got 425cc smooth round high profile in my left and right I got 375cc smooth round moderate plus profile I'am so far very happy with the size shape and process I'm now day 5 and feel great except for my bloated tummy lol got to have a proper shower today which was awesome I look forward to the progress of my new girls
  10. Hi laurzz i have sent a FR so you can view pics
  11. Can't wait for that my fiancé can't wait to do the bio oil massage lol
  12. Thank you kindly bettywilma good luck tomorrow too xox
  13. Hi angela82 I'm very happy with how everything is going so far no pain either which is great :-)
  14. Hi guys I have uploaded 2day post op pics everything is going well no pain just tight around my chest
  15. All The best girls quick recovery :-)
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