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  1. Hi @pink butterfly , I know this thread is a few months old but wondering how you went in your hunt for an eye cream? I have recently started using Clarins Extra Firming Yeux which is nice and hydrating for the crepey lines underneath my eyes. I never buy any beauty products without trying samples at home first. Myer has 7ml samples which is an amazing size for free! A friend of mine swears by Chanel Le Lift Creme Yeux and has amazing skin but it is also more expensive. Unfortunately they ran out of samples when I went there but hoping to try soon.
  2. @simply_me So exciting that your surgery is just around the corner now! I found trying on the implants in your bra is pretty accurate, though I am only 1 week post op now. So time will tell! I sent you a PM but note sure if you have had a chance to read it yet
  3. @pink butterfly @sabP @I HaveBoobs Thank you all for your well wishes! I am one week post op now and all went well and happy with size 😀 Now to be patient and wait for the drop & fluff!
  4. @pink butterfly and @sabP thank you both for your response. I think I’m just starting to freak out as the countdown is now on for my surgery. Plus I need to stop comparing my proposed implant size to everybody elses! When I remind myself of how I felt in the sizers I feel really good about it all 🤞 I will let you know how it all goes 😊
  5. Just wondering if anyone else compares how their cc implant size looks on themselves as opposed to others? I am booked in for my BA in 6 days and starting to freak out over size. I am currently a deflated A cup and having 295cc anatomical unders. My goal size is a C cup. Not sure if I should change to 275cc instead. I have looked at numerous photos online of other woman with similar body builds and breast tissue and they all get great results with as litttle as 250cc. (Though when I tried the 250cc sizer on it felt too small ) Are your results similar when compared to other woman of similar proportions?
  6. Thank you everyone and that is very interesting to hear. I didn’t realise day surgery was so popular for augmentations. For some reason it makes me very anxious even though I have had other day surgery procedures (medical reasons) before. I have decided that an overnight stay will be best for me and not so much pressure on my husband with the kids.
  7. Hi there, I have just booked my surgery for breast implants! Very excited but nervous too... I will be having under muscle anatomicals and wondered if most people had the procedure done in Day Surgery or had an Overnight stay in the hospital. What was your recovery like and where you happy with your choice?
  8. @sabP Thanks for that and I will have a look at that thread @simply_me My initial consult was bulk billed. I did have a referral so not sure if that made any difference. The receptionist is lovely so I’m sure she would give you a consult price over the phone. I haven’t yet had further consults but I’m assuming there would be a fee. Cost of surgery and implants was just under $10k, plus extra $1200 for anaesthetist fee. I was recommended 290cc moderate profile or 340cc high profile anatomicals which I was happy with as I wanted a very natural “un-augmented” look if there is such a thing.
  9. Hi, I haven’t had a BA yet but I have seen Dr.Kollias for an initial appointment. It was approximately a 2 week wait. Price for surgery was just under $10k which included an overnight stay in hospital.
  10. Hello ladies, I am new to this forum and was hoping I could get some feedback on sizers. I have had an initial consultation with Dr. Kollias who was quite good, but I just tried on the implant in my bra. Do you know of anywhere I can try on proper sizers to get a good idea of what the implant would look like. I have been recommended to go moderate plus or high profile anatomicals dual plane. I am really struggling to visualise the final outcome. Thank you!
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