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  1. Hello everyone I had my BA done early January this year and just lately, my right boob feels a little different... Almost like the implant is moving around a little. I had brazillian anatomicals put in and I was of the understanding that the furries didn't move around? I am not sure how to describe the feeling. Its odd. I am a little concerned that it might be the onset of CC... though there are no ripples yet and I also understand that most cases of CC show up earlier than this? Anyone shed any light on whats going on. I would go back to my surgeon however I am not too keen on that just yet.
  2. the other woman was slagging you off, not me. I was wondering because I had mine done there too.
  3. I must have missed that, I would have mentioned it if I had seen it.
  4. Look up Dr William Fung. I had my BA done with him in January. A few ladies on here have. I got change out of eight grand and he was brilliant. So happy with my boobs. Haven't heard anyone with bad feedback on him. He's a CS not a PS and some get a bit iffy about that, but if it's a straightforward BA you should be right. He was based in ALTONA, think he's currently working out of Geelong but I believe there will be a Docklands day surgery opening.
  5. Id go the bigger ones! I'm shorter than you but about the same weight, and I got 375cc and I wish I'd gone a bit bigger. I started as a deflated B-C and now I'm a full D, sometimes DD. They look beautiful, but I think maybe a little bigger would have been better. And I'd be unhappy if they were any smaller.
  6. How good are Dr Fung and Doris! Had mine with them in Altona almost seven weeks ago and couldn't be happier. This was honestly the best decision I have ever made for myself.
  7. Nobody has noticed mine, which is just the way I wanted it! The people that I told have said they are not overly noticeable however they can see I am a little fuller. This was the exact thing I was looking for!
  8. I'm six weeks and couldn't wait to take the damn thing off. Slept one night without it and didn't like it at all! Back in the crop I go. It just feels more secure for me.
  9. How's all the January ladies going. Mine feel like they were always a part of my body now! Still softening up on me, feeling better every day. So happy that I took the plunge and had them done.
  10. Hey honey. I got 375cc anatomicas. I just went out today pretty bra shopping for the first time, got 14D's which are great and full, but I wish id gone bigger! My advice, go bigger.
  11. They feel a little smaller to be honest. Is that normal? But the hardness is going away and the shape has changed a bit, upper pole looking great and nice round and full down the bottom.
  12. Just to give you all a heads up, as I was one of the first January girls, I think my new assets have dropped and fluffed a little! I'm 6 weeks tomorrow, and they have softened up just nicely and looking great!
  13. Dr **** will point you in the right direction. You just make sure you're clear on what you want and he will tell you the right size implant to achieve your look. Take an unpadded bra in the size you wish to achieve as he will get you to put the implants into the bra and put your top back on so you can get an idea of size. I wore a tight t-shirt on the day of my consult which really helped me to see what the result would be.
  14. You'll love them Leelee! Best investment in myself I've ever made.
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