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  1. Exact same as me :-) we can relax again now! Hehe
  2. I have 450cc round high profiles, dual plane placement. I'm 5 weeks post op and the only time they feel 'foreign' still is when I lay on my tummy and some positions when laying sideways. I have mentor brand implants, they are 'gel memory' and already super squishy. I feel like when I squeezs them I can feel where the implant is but boyf loves them and says they're squishy like real boobs haha but I think it depends how much breast tissue you have prior to surgery, the more you have the more natural they'll feel (so I've been told!)
  3. Of course :-)
  4. Veeeeery small difference! Are you having unders? remember you lose volume to some extent with unders. Xxx
  5. I went to Dr Mark Lee and I'm really happy, I wanted the more 'enhanced' look too. agree with IBR, I've heard Dr Cary Kailis does big round boobies! I only went for one consult because my heart was set haha) but if you go for one consult and aren't that comfortable with the dr, it's worth spending extra money on consults to find a surgeon you are comfortable with.
  6. Yes but I think by the time you spend money on flights and accomodation it works out to be the same amount of money you spend for surgery in Perth. Xxx
  7. Don't worry chick they'll fill out as recovery goes on :-) mine sat really far apart but now at almost 5 weeks post op they have definitley taken a better shape :-) now I have noticeable cleavage lines/definition. Give it time hun they'll look great xx
  8. Hun I don't have 14cm but I was just under 13cm (can't remember exact) and I got 450cc round high profiles I wanted the same look that you want but if you have 14cm you should be able to get a good/big cc size Xxx
  9. I have the exact same thing :-( 4 weeks PO and just notified it yesterday after changing my tape
  10. I had c cup also and went with a lift and implants. Very happy with my results - I'm in perth too but seen a PS instead of a CS You could probably get away without a lift but if you want perky they'll probably recommend a lift. I looked at tons of pics of girls who had c or d cup breasts and had implants only - I personally didn't like the look but it depends what you want and the look you want to achieve! I found they looked the same except bigger - the implants won't lift your breasts much from what I have seen for women with c or bigger
  11. Usually people go on crutches for 1 - 3 weeks depending on recovery but your surgeon or a physio will let you know when you can weight bear. You'll be able to go to the expo.. Maybe. Depending on how you feel pain wise, you'll just have to get around on crutches. Most people stay in hospital overnight or two nights but sometimes leave the same day
  12. Following... :-) I'm 4 weeks post op and mine are definitley softer but still sitting reasonably high
  13. Agreed, they looked much bigger when I tried on sizers than they do in my body
  14. I had C cup boobs that looked big but were so saggy and had no cleavage/volume. I had a lift and implants, my surgeon - Dr Mark Lee in Perth - removed a fair amount of skin (due to old botched surgery scars) so I lost a decent amount but my volume and size has been maintained/increased still. But I went for bigger implants 450cc. Send me a FR if you want to see before and after pics, very glad I had the lift because it makes them so perky but I think I would've ended up smaller if I had no implants due to the amount removed. Xx
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