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  1. Thanks for the replies. I think I will see how I'm feeling and judge it from there. Maybe I'll be able to do the drive over 2 days depending on how I feel.
  2. Hi As I'm driving to get my BA (about 7.5hours) I'm just wondering how soon after your BA you were able to drive and felt comfortable??? Did you feel ok to drive just around the corner as such or for longer. I know I won't be able to drive straight away and my surgeon has said 2 weeks before i can drive but I'm hoping to be able to drive home or at least part of the way after 5/7 days??? Am I being totally unrealistic???
  3. Hi yes mine is just to bring both nipples higher so that theres no chance of them pointing downwards once the implants are in but it is borderline and they're hp implants so i am starting to feel its not totally necessary. I'd hate to not have it done and then find out it would have been better but. its really bothering me now. I'm seeing Dr Ong. I did have another surgeon say i was borderline lift last year but could probably get away without it???
  4. Dec 13th for BA and possible lift with Dr Ong What size ect is everyone going for their BA? I'll be going 400cc HP textured rounds overs. Not final on size as he's given me the option of 375cc and 450cc as well
  5. Has anyone had a crescent lift?? My surgeon has said he wants to do a crescent lift to bring my nipples slightly higher. It's borderline and Im wondering if I could just have the augmentation without the lift. Some of the stuff I've read has said that a crescent lift doesn't really do much and is kinda pointless?? I'll be getting 400cc textured rounds HP. Going from a 12b to D/DD
  6. I've booked a consult with him for 5th Oct and surgery on 13th Dec if all goes ok at the consult.
  7. Anyone ???? Im hoping to have my surgery with him in Dec
  8. Hi just wondering if anyone has been to Dr Marcus Ong for their surgery in Bunbury WA???
  9. Oh yay there's a few of us Sept girls now. How exciting but I'm already so nervous about it. How is everyone else feeling??
  10. Dr Glenn Murray visit some regional places in wa. I'm booked in with him in sept I was really comfortable with him
  11. I never thought I'd be someone who would get implants. I had nice c cup boobies before I had my kids and then while I was breastfeeding I went up to a e cup and they were great. After I finished bf they were like empty socks stuck on my chest and then I lost some weight and they just got worse. I'm booked in for surgery 29th sept and I'm very nervous about it but I know I'll feel a lot better about myself. I'm only getting them done so that I can feel good when I'm naked and not self conscious in the bedroom. It's a personal choice and it's got to be right for you
  12. So if I have the ba done by a cosmetic surgeon but then go to a plastic surgeon for any complications I may still not get a item number because it was done by a cosmetic surgeon to begin with Donatella??
  13. Hi have chosen to have my BA with a cosmetic surgeon because I feel the most comfortable with him and I think he'll do a really good job but I'm worried if there is any complications I'll be up for a whole lot more money. Will I be able to get a Medicare number for any problems or be covered by my private health (I have top cover)????? Or would I need to go to a plastic surgeon to be able to claim anything????
  14. I'm 29 and breastfed 3 babies (7, 5 & 3) Getting new boobies end of September if I don't chicken out by then .......
  15. Which surgeon are you thinking of going with Jenna???
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