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    BA on the 11th Feb 2015
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    Dr Dash 11th Feb 2015
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  1. Thanks Kritta , I love them I can't stop checking myself out ha ha ha
  2. At last

    August 2015

    Had my post op visit yesterday, my boobs look amazing , sooooooooo happy. They are in place, soft, natural looking , and move when I walk. TCI parramatta was fantastic
  3. Hi ladies had my 1 week check . Myself , TheDr, the nurse are all happy. My breasts look amazing. So soft , natural and they move when I walk. cant believe it. We are so happy. Thanks TCI they were great for me.
  4. Hi ladies had my 1 week check myself , Dr, the nurse are all happy. My breasts look amazing. So soft , natural and they move when I walk. cant believe it. We are so happy. Thanks TCI they were great for me.
  5. Hi ladies I had my revision yesterday , omg I feel so much better than last time. I woke up out of op great , I had pain but only half as much as before , bruising is bad . Dr dash. Lowered scars cut away scar tissue that had formed before implants could drop , fan cut under the nipples so the implants will fall into place. I am taking my pain meds resting and doing as my told. I am off work till next Thursday so should be all good by than. I am in a post op bra , I have to wear a strap till post op visit next on Tuesday. we had a look wow they look good they look full , round, larger, breast and nipples pointing out. feeling very very happy and feel that TCI parramatta have been fantasic this whole experience ???
  6. At last

    August 2015

    Hi ladies had my op at 12.30 yesterday OMG it went so well I feel great. This time I woke up after the revision really well , Dr dash cut into old scares lowered scare, removed scar tissues that had formed before the implants had a chance to drop last time, fane cut under the nipple so the implants can drop into place. We had a look wow they look good they are pointing up round and nipples pointing out, they look so much bigger. I have to wear post op bra , strap for a week and go back and see Dr Dash and nurse on Tuesday. i am taking pain meds pain is cut by half compared to last time. Bruising is really bad. I am off work till next Thursday so I should be fine by than to return to work. i am a nurse so in my job I don't have heavy lifting just emergency responses that I won't attend till the 6week mark. i am on top of the would I feel very looked after by TCI parramatta ???
  7. At last

    August 2015

    On my way,, feeling quite nervous this tiime. Taake care ladies hope you all are recovering well
  8. I could massage after my one week check up
  9. Hi I would be interested also , as I was a smoker and have wrinkles top and bottom lip.
  10. Hi I would love to show you pics , my breast look ok it's just the implants are stuck to my chest and in time if left under the nipples will sag more the dr said. These were taken a few weeks ago, which they look the same now. vlinder I will keep in touch.
  11. Hi I have my revision in 6days feeling mixed emotions really , nervous and excited at the same time. not looking forward to recovery but looking forward to having amazing breasts.
  12. At last

    August 2015

    Hi ladies I am 6 days away to my revision, feeling excited to be having the problems resolved , but also at the same time a little nervous. Goodluck to the ladies today hope the other ladies that had there BA are recovering well
  13. yes it getting closer Wednesday, I am a bit nervous but also excited. how are you going ? Hope all is well with your new boobs. ?
  14. At last

    August 2015

    Good luck and all the very very best ladies that are having there ops in the next few days. rest and take it easy
  15. Hi NZ Girl glad all is going well for you. Hope everyone is doing well. Boobs4kel how are you going ? Did your breasts drop to where you wonted them too?
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